CRN Components and Peripherals News

  • Vista's boost for video and gaing fuels the hunger for widee screens

    Display Of Affection
    Microsoft's Windows Vista has sparked an explosion in wide-screen displays optimized for the operating system.
  • Trips, drops and spills, oh my! Panasonic, Dell, Toshiba and Acer put their notebooks to the test. Which one survived?

    Toughest Notebook Challenge
    There's the solution provider who outfitted a major metropolitan area police department with notebooks for its patrol cruisers, only to see them die under the bump, strain and heat that goes with keeping the hot summer streets safe.
  • Resellers tackle the paper problem with mulifunction printers and displays

    The Power Of Peripherals
    Because printers, imaging solutions and displays are the most common of all PC peripherals, resellers often seek opportunities to sell all three products in a single deal.
  • Well, Aren't We Nosy ...
    When we set out to test notebooks for toughness, the thinking was as complicated as this: Beat them all up and see which survived.
  • Raidon Makes RAID Simple
    Systems integrators have access to a wide array of RAID controllers on the market. They're fast, can support eight hard disks or more, and offer multiple RAID options. However, they're often too expensive for home offices and small businesses.
  • CDW Sales Jump In Third Quarter
    CDW, in the midst of being acquired by private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners, also reported September average daily revenue figures were $36.4 million.
  • Intel, Cisco and Hewlett-Packard get top scores from solution providers for product innovation

    2007's Top Innovators
    When it comes to product innovation in the fast-moving IT market, no one comes close to Intel. That's the word from solution providers who gave the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant the top grade for product innovation for the second consecutive year in the 2007 VARBusiness Annual Report Card survey.
  • HP Squeaks By IBM Servers
    Servers are changing. As storage moves to the network through SAN/NAS technology, processing power moves front and center. At the same time, midsize and large enterprises are more often opting for low-end server farms that leverage grid/utility technology, while small businesses buy high-end servers with virtualization running multiple chores.
  • Regaining A Technology Edge
    After falling behind rival chip maker Advanced Micro Devices on "wow" factor for the better part of two years, Intel began to regain its traditional dominance of the CPU market with marked improvements to its Core 2 Duo family of processors in late 2006. It then put the pedal to the metal with the launch of a quad-core processor nearly a year ahead of AMD.
  • Back To That Winning Feeling
    After a four-year winning streak in the Workgroup Color Printers category, Xerox found itself edged out in last year's VARBusiness Annual Report Card survey, finishing in second place.