Digital Signage/Monitors

  • Channel Best-Sellers: Desktop Displays
    In the cutthroat world of desktop display sales, an unusual market equilibrium is emerging. As demand for high performance, top-quality brands continue to grow, advances in technology make lower-priced monitors even more affordable. This results in a highly competitive arena where margins for vendors and resellers are squeezed as vendors battle to provide the best features at the most aggressive price points.
  • Channel Best-Sellers: Digital Signage
    The digital signage market is a tough space. Often placed in highly visible, exposure-prone environments, expensive and complicated equipment is susceptible to damage and disruption. However, advances in touch-screen technology and larger-than-life screen sizes have kept themarket moving up, and the opportunities for the educated reseller are numerous.
  • Alternative Vendors: Displays Under 30 Inches
    Brian Lisse, owner and manager of Madison Computer Works, says that after 25 years in business, the nightmares from vendors that didn't offer any support stay with him. But with Acer Inc., there's never been a support snafu that had him losing any sleep. "They just have a really low failure rate, which is why we like them," he said.
  • What's The Alternative?
    Solution providers partnering with hungry alternative vendors are delivering improved Return On Investment (ROI) for their customers and higher margins for themselves by opening their eyes and looking beyond the market leaders. Here's a rundown of the leaders -- and the alternatives -- across more than a dozen technology categories.
  • The Future Of Videoconferencing
    To hear executives from videoconferencing vendors tell it, sci-fi-esque offerings could move from concept to reality in the next few years.
  • HP Unveils Consumer PCs and Notebooks Before CES
    Hewlett-Packard Thursday launched a bevy of consumer desktop and notebook PCs and monitors aimed at digital media users. The new products will be on display at next week's CES extravaganza in Las Vegas.
  • Channel Best-Sellers: Peripherals That Matter
    Samsung outgrew all rivals in the 19-inch to 30-inch color LCD segment during the first half of the year, registering growth of 8.7 percent to jump into first place in channel market share in the January to June 2007 time frame vs. the year-earlier period.