Digital Signage/Monitors

  • Here's the lowdown on changing over from picture tube to liquid crystal display, and tools for making make the most of new LCDs

    Making the Switch from CRT to LCD Displays
    Here's the lowdown on changing over from picture tube to liquid crystal display, and tools for making make the most of new LCDs.
  • Flat Panel Face-Off
    The Test Center looks at two new flat-panel displays, one that's ideal for widespread distribution in large offices and another that's better suited for more specialized needs and bigger budgets.
  • Solution provider introduces the medical profession to a technological improvement

    Writing A Better Rx
    When the Riverside Medical Clinic in Riverside, Calif., wanted to go digital, it turned to solution provider MedEfficient to transform the way its doctors prescribe medications to their patients.
  • With LCD TVs the central part of many installations, integrators must choose wisely

    Review: The Big Picture: Choosing The Best LCD TV
    When it comes to flat-panel televisions, especially the new breed of LCDs hitting the market, integrators have to see the big picture. To give a snapshot of what's now available, the Digital Connect Lab looked at five high-definition-ready LCD TVs from ViewSonic, LG Electronics, Philips, Westinghouse and Soyo.
  • NEC's Solutions Edge
    Walter Rodriguez, founder and president of RAC Systems in Morristown, N.J., knows that in order to succeed as a VAR you have to reinvent yourself every few years. That’s why Rodriguez is looking to partner with NEC Display Solutions in the emerging public display market.
  • Briefs: April 17, 2006
    GTSI President and CEO Jim Leto last Thursday fired back at an auditor's report questioning the government solution provider's ability to continue as a "going concern."
  • On land and sea, integrators are delivering the goods

    Travel Agents: Digital Solutions On The Go
    As more people demand full connectivity at home and everywhere they go, they also want total access while en route. Digital integrators are meeting the need by enabling computer and entertainment systems to accompany clients on their travels, no matter whether they're on land or sea.
  • New Displays Focus On Business Applications
    The Test Center looks at two new displays that are part of the new crop offering improved image quality, better ergonomics and a host of new features that help reduce fatigue and boost productivity.
  • A solution provider's answer to an area small business' antiquated inventory system.

    Keeping Small Business Local
    Toby Griggs, a Computer Renaissance franchisee in Fairview Heights, Ill., believes it's the personal touch that has made his franchise successful working with local small businesses.
  • A look at new displays and projectors available to solution providers by leading and emerging vendors

    Tech Watch: Displays and Projectors Bonanza
    A look at new displays and projectors available to solution providers by leading and emerging vendors
  • With custom capabilities, IBM's POS product is offering VARs a new ingredient

    Recipe For Success
    POS distributors and solution providers are seeing success with the IBM Anyplace Kiosk, finding new ways to utilize the technology in the restaurant world.
  • As mobile technology advances, VARs are finding new uses for small form-factor systems

    Where Custom Is Cool: The Mini PC Grows Up
    While AOpen viewed its slick-looking miniPC as a consumer product, system builders had other ideas, snapping up inventory for a variety of commercial niches.
  • Planar releases new line of monitors that promises to provide greater flexibility and lower price

    Ergonomic LCD Displays
    Planar Systems does displays right. Not only do they have more than 20 years of display expertise and experience, but they understand the target market and customer applications, as well as trends from the supply side. Recently, the company released a new line of PL-LCD monitors, which will be available with a QuadStand base for resistance-free height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments. The new line of monitors offers versatile viewing angles and more than five inches of height adjustment so business professionals can easily configure the position of the monitors for ideal viewing.
  • System builders key to vendor&'s strategy to combat Acer, Dell

    Samsung&'s LCD Serenade
    Samsung aims to spur sales of higher-end solutions through custom-system builders and is angling to push the “sweet spot” of the LCD display arena from the 19-inch to the 20-inch space.
  • New line of products are geared for home integration

    Review: HP Hits High Note With New LCD And Plasma HDTVs
    Hewlett-Packard has spent the last few months refreshing its entire line of home entertainment products, including its LCD and plasma TV line, Media Center PCs, notebooks, printers and projectors. Here's what Digital Connect Lab engineers think of the new offerings.
  • 180 Connect banks on its size, scope and reach as it makes its move into the digital home space

    Case Study: The National League
    180 Connect didn't start life in the digital home integration business, but if all goes according to plan, the company hopes to be one of the industry's biggest players.