Digital Signage/Monitors

  • Gamers Get Going!
    Gaming enthusiasts looking for the best PCs on which to pursue their hobby are forcing custom system builders to push the technology envelope. Their mission? To come up with the fastest systems using the best components regardless of cost.
  • Car PCs Hit The Road
    Giant names like Microsoft, Intel and Ford are making nascent efforts to shift the Car PC industry into drive. But an absence of standards, and an abundance of functions and new technology, gives systems builders and the channel a chance to lead the pack.
  • Review: PC Gets Sleek And Sexy
    Desktop computers generally are a bland lot, with the exception of those pretty ones from Apple. Next to the streamlined and stylish iMac and the Mac Mini, the traditional beige or white rectangular PC boxes look boring.
  • Display Of Affection
    Microsoft's Windows Vista has sparked an explosion in wide-screen displays optimized for the operating system.
  • Fifth Time's Still A Charm
    For the fifth year running, Samsung's display technologies blew away the competition in the 2007 VARBusiness Annual Report Card (ARC) survey.
  • Margin Makers
    From printers to add-on storage and lots in between, peripherals can provide the spark you're looking for.
  • New Hardware Beats Greener Paths To Solutions
    As manufacturers bring more environmentally friendly displays to market, it's easier than ever for solution providers to think green when putting together solutions for customers.
  • Review: Wide-Screen Wonder
    ViewSonic's new VX2835wm wide-screen display arrives with some of the best high-definition features the vendor has to offer.
  • Channel In Wait-and-See Mode On LCD Patent Fight
    Solution providers and system builders are taking a wait-and-see attitude toward the possible impact of Sharp's move on Monday to file a U.S. lawsuit against Samsung Electronics for infringing on five of its patents related to LCD panels.
  • The Chalkboard Evolution
    More than ever, educationtion in a classroom environment depends largely on the ability to show information to many people at one time. It's the same premise embodied by the trusty chalkboard--except that chalkboards are losing ground to projectors and panels that allow educators and administrators to communicate with students and university workers in new ways.
  • Your Big Fat Dell Decision?
    Michael Dell has started a conversation with you. A conversation about a possibility that can only be converted into reality if you truly believe his words and see a future working with the vendor--whether the systems, storage or peripheral products Dell-branded but made by many of the companies you support today.
  • Review: The Best And Worst Of 5 Widescreen Displays
    At one time considered a luxury, widescreen displays are now standard fare for businesses and consumers. The CRN Test Center took a close-up look at five products from four vendors. You'll be surprised at which product came out on top.
  • ViewSonic To Boost Channel Incentives
    ViewSonic is expanding its services and incentives for channel partners, including an extended financing option for government sales and a new incentive program for partners that hit the $1 million mark in annual sales.
  • 2007 CRN Channel Champions: Peripherals
    Take a look at which peripherals vendors grabbed CRN Channel Champions honors this year in multifunction printers, network color laser printers, flat panel displays and UPS/power management.
  • 6 Key Players In Digital Signage Software
    So far, digital signage has been a specialty niche. But it doesn't look like it will stay that way for long. Here's a snapshot of digital signage software vendors and their products, including some channel information.
  • Searching For The Digital Signage Market
    I used to be young, but now I'm old. As proof, I can remember writing a story about the inaugural season of Mitsubishi's Mark III giant outdoor screen at Dodger Stadium and sitting in the control room thinking what a cool new thing it was. Stadium screens are still cool, but not so new.
  • Selling Digital Signage Solutions
    Tom Johnson, president of Digital-AV, a Scala reseller and digital signage company, sheds light on how to handle customer concerns when selling digital signage solutions.