Digital Signage/Monitors

  • Slide Show: Tackling E-Waste
    During the last year, Hewlett-Packard has refurbished 600,000 desktops, notebooks, servers and printers at its asset recovery center in Andover, Mass. CRN takes a tour.
  • Slide Show: 10 Scenes From CES
    The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a hubbub of how new product launches, trendsetting news and plenty to look at. Take a peek at 10 scenes from the show.
  • CES 2007: ViewSonic Drives iPod Integration
    ViewSonic is mounting an iPod integration assault at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show that includes what the display maker calls the world's first portable projector with an integrated iPod docking station.
  • What's Hot, What's Not In 2007
    There are a few things you probably won't be able to do anymore in 2007. Sell VoIP as a cost-cutting measure is one. Another is price by the processor. Still another is ride the NAC wave to continued profits in security, unless you plan to fine-tune your message. Security is still the hottest game in town, of course, but the hype around NAC has made customers skeptical. The thrill is gone.
  • LCD TV Growth To Slow In '07
    Rapid price declines will slow LCD TV revenue growth in 2007, according to projections from market research firm iSuppli.
  • ViewSonic Sees Growth, Boost From Vista in '07
    ViewSonic executives believe "The Vista Factor" will be one of several growth points they see in 2007, touting the forthcoming Microsoft operating system as a big opportunity for display solutions given its advances in graphics and user interface functionality.
  • Westinghouse Digital To Launch Big Displays, Channel Program
    Another tier-one brand is gunning for a piece of the commercial display space: Westinghouse Digital Electronics, which plans to launch large displays at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show and roll out a new VAR program in the spring.
  • Tech Watch
    A look at new products and technologies available to solution providers by leading and emerging vendors
  • Production Home Partner
    If there's one dark cloud over the home integration landscape, many integrators say it's the production home market, brought down by higher interest rates and inventory gluts. Integrators Nick McCullough and Frank DeFilippis of Link Your House strongly disagree.
  • A Fine Vintage
    A California winery is experiencing a booming crop of sales, thanks to a local digital integrator and a custom-built Media Center PC solution.
  • Microsoft Launches More Scalable, Open Embedded CE 6.0
    As Linux gains ground in the embedded system market, Microsoft is scaling up and opening more of its Windows CE kernel and giving CE developers free copy of Visual Studio to drive more development of Windows embedded devices.