• Where Did The Money Go?
    From tight pockets in October to the spending frenzy in August, another federal fiscal year has come and gone. Here's what we learned.
  • Channel Executive Of The Year: Rauline Ochs
    Ask any Oracle channel partner what it was like to work with the software giant before 2005, and you're likely to hear angry stories of channel conflict with aggressive Oracle sales reps muscling in on resellers' deals.
  • TaaS--The New MSP
    Arnie Bellini, the CEO of ConnectWise, the Tampa, Fla.-based solution provider and maker of IT business automation software used by thousands of VARs, was a big proponent of the MSP business model long before it was fashionable.
  • Beware The Bust Out
    It's called a bustout. It's one of the most frightening"and expensive"forms of fraud in the channel, and if you're a VAR you could be a victim and not even realize it.
  • ShadowRAM: October 1, 2007
    Several teams of Cisco employees recently hit Donegal Bay, Ireland, to participate in the Cisco Euro Challenge, a multiday adventure race that the company sponsors.
  • How Fast Does Your Business Grow?
    For solution providers looking to shift into hypergrowth mode, there is a well-defined formula for success, according to CMP Channel Group's Business Growth 2007 survey.
  • Abbyy Road
    Independent software vendor Abbyy USA is hoping to leverage the channel to reach the small- and midsize-business markets and has created a new channel program to bring more solution providers into the fold.
  • Hire Education
    It's a conundrum that faces virtually every successful solution provider out there: How to find and hire talented, reliable employees. For companies growing at an especially spectacular clip—like the ones on CRN's Fast Growth list—the problem is particularly vexing.
  • They May Not Stay
    There has been a lot of talk in the channel lately among solution providers about how increasingly difficult it is to hire good people. Good technical people and good salespeople are both getting harder to find.
  • Home System Backup in a Windows World
    Save often, and to multiple destinations. Everyone hears that piece of sage advice, but it's not always followed. An application like Windows Home Server that makes backups easier to perform and manage is worth a first, second and third look.