• A Virtual Channel Opportunity
    VMware faces some serious challenges in the SMB space. First and foremost, it must convince VARs it's committed to the channel.
  • Ultra ChillTEC Keeps Its Cool
    System builders face a delicate challenge in adding more power to machines while keeping them cool. In addition to air cooling and water cooling, there are thermoelectric cooling (TEC) products that use hot and cold plates to transfer heat from the processor to the heat sink. Ultra Products' Ultra ChillTEC CPU Cooler effectively balances TEC and heat-pipe cooling.
  • Hitachi 1-Tbyte Drive Is Up To The Task
    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies makes exceptionally good drives. Case in point: Hitachi's new large Deskstar 7K1000 SATA drive performed well when placed under constant I/O testing for days. The 7K1000 is 1 Tbyte in size so it is large enough for the most demanding jobs on servers and PCs.
  • Key Findings: International Expansion Study
    Nearly a quarter of U.S. solution providers already do some business outside the U.S. and a surprisingly large 14 percent are considering branching out internationally within the next 5 years.
  • Why Is HP Winning?
    If all the major vendors partnering with solution providers, no one has made bigger channel gains than Hewlett-Packard in the past 18 to 24 months. So why is HP winning and other big vendors slipping?
  • ShadowRAM: August 20, 2007
    "If we're not doing something right, I want to know about it personally. I give my e-mail address to everybody. If something's wrong, let me know." —Sanjay Kumar, from a 2003 interview with CRN.
  • Fakes: Can You Tell The Difference?
    Counterfeit goods, both hardware and software, have infiltrated the channel, and solution providers that aren't careful could—knowingly or not—get burned.
  • The E-Mail Archiving Services Spin
    Dan Carson, vice president of marketing and business development at Open Systems Solutions, Willow Grove, Pa., on e-mail archiving service opportunities.
  • Slide Show: 10 Emerging Distributors To Watch
    While everyone in the channel knows bigwig distributors like Ingram Micro and Tech Data, smaller distributors that focus on niche technologies or geographies are making their mark, offering resellers a variety of options when it comes to choosing the right solution from the right distributor. CRN takes a look at 10.