• Innovation: No Guarantee of Success
    When lexmark released its first multifunction printers, it was aiming to elevate the role of the workplace printer to document-management hub. It seemed like a great idea; why have two machines side by side that perform many of the same functions? Consolidating copiers and printers would save space and money.
  • Emerging vs. traditional vendor sets: turn over a new leaf

    Solution Providers, I'm Betting That Your Product Mix Is Out Of Whack
    Do you have the right product mix? Before you answer that, let me suggest the answer is unequivocably no. You may have the right product set for a moment in time, but customer requirements are forever changing, and you need to be ahead of the satisfaction curve.
  • Briefs: October 23, 2006
    Hewlett-Packard overshot rival Dell to reclaim the No. 1 position in worldwide PC market share during the third quarter, according to two research firms.
  • How To: Configure An SMB Server For Remote Management
    Nowadays, even small- and midsize businesses can enjoy the kind of network monitoring and control once only deployed in large enterprises. Here's a way to get started in offering remote network administration services.
  • The Cartridge Wars
    Small businesses and households can print hundreds of pages and photographs a month, and large enterprises can go into the thousands. That's a lot of ink -- which translates into a lot of dollars. Here's a look at why it costs so much to print, and what's being done about the high pricing for ink and toner.
  • ShadowRAM: October 2, 2006
    Novell slated meetings for the Columbus Room at the Roosevelt Hotel last week. It sounded like a nice idea because it's a great, old, Manhattan building in a nice part of the city.
  • HP's LaserJet 1020 combines speed, competitive pricing and easy setup for individual office use in enterprise environments

    Review: Increase Productivity With The Right Laserjet
    By Marc Spiwak In busy office environments, there are always some users who are required to print documents all day long, and then there are others who only need to print from time to timeall of which can result in users wasting time waiting for paper output. Productivity suffersa lot.
  • Vendors continue services and solutions push to help VARs capitalize on multifunction printers

    Printers That Pay
    As razor-thin hardware margins plague the printing market, vendors continue to seek new ways to unlock profit from consumables, software-enabled solutions and services.
  • Seven Steps To Increase Your Value
    Acquire, be acquired, merge, develop close ties to peers in other geographies. Larger potential clients and vendor partners will take you more seriously. More and more tier-one vendors are skewing their channel programs toward larger partners at the expense of smaller VARs.
  • Review: HP Makes Scanning A Turnkey Affair
    Integrating a scanner into a network environment can be time-consuming for VARs. Yet two new full-featured products from Hewlett-Packard, the ScanJet 7800 and the ScanJet 8350, are designed to help make scanner setup more of a one-pass process.
  • Konica Minolta Makes Play for SMB Market
    In an effort to target the small and medium business market, Konica Minolta is expanding the number of partners that sell its printing solutions in hopes of graduating from one of many alternative vendors to the alternative vendor of choice.
  • Picking The 'Ripe' Solution
    With the help of solution provider Strategic Business Systems, Bronx, N.Y.-based produce wholesaler Nathel and Nathel was able to revolutionize the way it keeps track of its fruits, vegetables and invoices by digitizing its inventory and billing systems.
  • A few years ago, Dell could have delivered a knockout punch to IBM and HP by teaming with the channel, some VARs say. But now it looks like game over.

    Does Dell Matter Anymore?
    Are Dell and its direct-sales business model still relevant? That's a question many VARs are pondering these days as the PC giant loses its pricing edge to rivals like Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo and grapples with service and technical gaffes.