• Stars Among The VARs
    When solution providers partner with a vendor, they're looking for more than just another supplier of computer hardware or software. They're looking for a business partner, an ally with whom they can fight the good fight in today's competitive markets.
  • Review: Kodak Scanner Is Spot-On
    The Test Center recently took a look at Eastman Kodak Co.'s ScanMate i1120 scanner and spent a few days putting it through its paces.
  • Green Piece
    Be it images of cracking ice shelves, reports of stranded polar bears or the very real experience of reviewing your company's electricity bill, the issue of energy conservation and environmental responsibility has reached a new level of consciousness in the business community. Printers and other imaging machines are one of the energy-zapping culprits, but leading vendors are stepping up to make their machines more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Review Roundup: Displays from NEC, Samsung and ViewSonic
    LCD manufacturers continue to expand their product portfolios, as the "sweet spot" in the monitor space continues to move from the 17-inch-to-19-inch arena to the 20-to-22-inch part of the spectrum. The Test Center takes a look at four printers of 22 inches and larger that VARs may want to consider.
  • Buying Dell Ink By the Barrel
    Staples says its new partnership with Dell is taking off, but it's going to shift its focus now to an odd part of Dell's product line.
  • Review: ThinkPad T61 with SLED 10 Linux
    Lenovo has joined rival Dell in providing pre-loaded Linux on notebooks. The Test Center examines the ThinkPad T61 pre-loaded with SLED 10 to see whether it's ready for prime time.
  • Hit The Managed Print Services Button
    It was only a matter of time before the flight to managed services in the hardware space reached the printing and imaging sector, and over the past 18 months it has done so with vigor.
  • What's The Alternative?
    Solution providers partnering with hungry alternative vendors are delivering improved Return On Investment (ROI) for their customers and higher margins for themselves by opening their eyes and looking beyond the market leaders. Here's a rundown of the leaders -- and the alternatives -- across more than a dozen technology categories.
  • Closed Disty Model Changing?
    As the end in sight for the closed distribution model in the complex, highly competitive enterprise solutions market?