CRN Managed Services News

  • Our 2008 State Of The Managed Services Market Survey shows a lot of wading, but not much diving in

    Proceeding With Caution
    The managed services market appears ready for explosive growth, but solution providers say they plan to move cautiously into the market due to slow acceptance on the part of some SMB customers and fears they could be steamrolled by a spate of new vendor competitors.
  • Boosting Managed Services Sales to SMBs
    Solution Providers understand the benefits of the MSP model but selling the concept to SMB customers is often an uphill battle. With a rocky economic outlook forcing customers to demand a quick ROI, now is the time to push managed services to SMB clients.
  • Episode Seven of the 2008 Kaseya MSP Education Series

    The Right MSP Mix
    The ingredients that make up your managed services business can be just as volatile, so for this episode we break out the measuring cups to help make sure your MSP business rises to the top.
  • New Kaseya Module Has MSPs Seeing Green
    The new Kaseya User State Management (KUSM) module was designed to give MSPs the ability to remotely manage desktops, including power options that let an administrator power down machines when not in use.
  • Episode 6 of the 2008 Kaseya MSP Education Series

    Watch Your Back: Legal Considerations and Contracts
    What a Service Level Agreement (SLA) can do for your business " what an SLA is, what kinds are there and what makes a good one? Everything Channel Managed Services Expert Dan Neel will talk one-on-one with Steven Hart, CEO of Advantage Microsystems about his overall experience involving the growing hype of Service Level Agreements.
  • The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Value Proposition
    A growing number of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) have begun to agree that deploying and managing software products on-site with customers defeats the purpose of delivering remote services. Get the details on the scope of this trend and how you can profit from SaaS.
  • Fiberlink Offers Adaptable MSP Security For Every Road Warrior
    Most IT experts know that the easiest way to access confidential data is not by breaking into a LAN or figuring out flaws of a multitier system, but rather to hack into a mobile device. Hackers know this quite well, and today, it's hotels and conference halls that are the sweetest spots for hacking.
  • How To Navigate The New MSP Landscape
    Smaller MSPs say they have no choice but to adjust to because the days of making good margins on simple monitoring and patch-management services are over.