CRN Managed Services News

  • Getting Started With Managed Services for the SMB
    The rumors you've heard are true. The business strategies, best practices and hardware/software tools are there for VARs who want to start building their managed services profile and begin getting a taste of that sweet, sweet recurring revenue.
  • Franchiser Connects With VMware Desktop Service
    The Utility Company, an Ottawa-based IT franchising company, will begin beta-testing a new VMware-based virtualized desktop service this month and plans to release the first version of the service in early 2008.
  • Home integrators know which doors to knock on despite slump

    Home Integrators Adapting To Housing Slump
    With the downturn in the real estate market showing few signs of short-term recovery, home integrators are adopting fresh strategies for generating revenue. Despite a minor slowdown in growth, however, integrators find their industry shielded, in part, by the clientele many of them serve.
  • Virtualizing The Network For Fun And Profit
    Managed security service provider Asierus is thinning its customers' IT burden with a subscription-based offering that virtualizes enterprise-class network environments for SMBs.
  • Powerful Managed Print Strategies For State And Local Government
    The true cost impact of an unmanaged print network can be a terrifying discovery, but with the right partner, profitable Managed Print Service solutions for State/Local agencies and Education can be deployed to plug the leaks unmanaged print can easily introduce.
  • Reaching Your Managed Services Potential
    It might arguably the talk of the Channel this year and more VARs are venturing in every day. But what's the outlook for the future? Where is the growth? And what does it mean for your business?
  • TaaS--The New MSP
    Arnie Bellini, the CEO of ConnectWise, the Tampa, Fla.-based solution provider and maker of IT business automation software used by thousands of VARs, was a big proponent of the MSP business model long before it was fashionable.
  • Seven Vendors Accredited By MSPAlliance
    The MSPAlliance initiated its vendor accreditation program Monday, tapping seven companies for their work and business model with managed service providers. The first seven accredited partners are: Intel, SilverBack Technologies/Dell, Asigra, Untangle, XRoads Networks, LiveCargo and N-Able Technologies, said Charles Weaver, president of the MSP Alliance.
  • The Managed Services Spin
    Don Begg, CEO of Do IT Smarter, a San Diego-based MSP that also now sells its services to other MSPs and coaches them on developing a managed services practice, talks about what it takes to succeed in managed services sales.
  • Getting Started In Managed Services
    David C. Dadian, CEO of, an MSP in HoHoKus, N.J., offers some tips for those looking to take the plunge into managed services.