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State Reps Question Massachusetts Governor's Change Of Heart On Tech Tax

State representatives weigh in on Gov. Deval Patrick's recent comments on the software services tax, in which he said the issue is 'very concerning.'

Study: It'll Soon Be Bring Your Own Computer To Work Day, Every Day

Some businesses may begin requiring their employees to bring their own computer to work by 2017, a Gartner study predicts.

Grassroots Movements Growing To Fight Massachusetts Tech Tax

In response to growing anger around the Massachusetts software services tax, businesses are rallying supporters to fight back against the tech tax in the courts and in the legislature.

Tech Tax Roundtable: Tax Will Kill My Business, Mass. Economy

Local businesses gathered in Massachusetts for one of eight roundtable discussions on the implications of the software services tax on their business.

Massachusetts Lawyer Takes Tech Tax To Court To Give Businesses Breathing Room

In the latest fight against the Massachusetts tech tax, a local lawyer is filing a lawsuit to freeze implementation of the hotly contested tax on software services.

Mass. Tech Tax Opponents Worried Tax Will Stick Around To Save Face

Opponents of the tech tax say they do not expect the software services tax will be repealed because supporters are afraid of the backlash from reversing their opinions.

Mass. State Rep: 10 Reasons I Opposed The Tech Tax, And Still Do

State Rep. Daniel Winslow discussed why he thinks the Massachusetts tech tax is a bad idea for business.

GOP Announces Massachusetts Roundtables To Discuss Tech Tax

Massachusetts Republican Caucus announces weeklong roundtable discussions on tech tax and the implications a software services tax has on local businesses.

Global Business Looks To Leave Massachusetts, Reduce Headcount After Tech Tax Hit

A CEO of a global company based out of Massachusetts is looking to move out of state and limit employees to compensate for tech tax cut in profits.

Massachusetts Tech Tax Passed Amid $600 Million Revenue Surplus

Just a month before the tech tax was passed, Massachusetts revealed a surplus for the year and legislators expect even higher numbers for 2014.

5 Myths Circulated By Memos In Massachusetts Legislature About Tech Tax

Memos sent around the Massachusetts House and Senate Friday to explain the software services tax to legislators continued to feed misleading information about the tech tax.

Discounts Lure Nonprofits, Educators And Government To The Cloud

Office 365 discounts are helping drive the push to cloud computing for nonprofits, education and government, managed service providers and solution providers said.

State Senator: Massachusetts Tech Tax 'Modernizes The Tax Code'

In a memo circulated among the Massachusetts legislature, supporters of the tech tax reiterate its benefits and the reasoning behind it.

Senator Voted Multiple Times For Tech Tax Before Asking For Repeal

Senator proposing legislation to repeal tech tax voted at least three times to pass it, and weeks before professed how important the tech industry was.

Analyst Firm Predicts Huge Managed Services Growth, But MSPs Urge Caution

Although recent numbers predict huge jump in managed service provider market, industry members remain cautious about the future.

'Shark Tank' Entrepreneur: 20 Secrets To Surviving Vicious IT Waters

Kevin O'Leary, a successful software entrepreneur featured on the hit ABC television show "Shark Tank," shares 20 secrets on how to survive in the fast-paced information technology age.

What Do You Need To Know About The Massachusetts Software Services Tax?

As the Massachusetts tax on software services is already in effect, MA lawyers break down what it means for service providers in the state and across the nation.

Arrow Enhances Cloud Services Platform With New MSP Tool

On the heels of introducing its ArrowSphere to North American VARs, Arrow has bolstered its cloud platform with a new monitoring and reporting tool aimed at MSPs.

FusionStorm Sells Managed Services Business To Synoptek

FusionStorm CEO Dan Serpico will hold a seat on Synoptek's board of directors, and FusionStorm will hold a significant minority stake in the new entity.

SMBs And Managed Services: 5 Key Capabilities For MSPs

A California-based managed service provider puts a stake in the ground for five key services that MSPs need to have in order to meet the needs of their customers.