CRN Managed Services News

  • The Managed Services Spin
    Don Begg, CEO of Do IT Smarter, a San Diego-based MSP that also now sells its services to other MSPs and coaches them on developing a managed services practice, talks about what it takes to succeed in managed services sales.
  • Engineers review four MSP vendors on key features and N-able comes up a winner

    Rating The MSP Platforms
    Test Center engineers reviewed the top MSP platforms on the market. Key features that were evaluated were automation features at the management servers, ease of deployment through automation, levels of remote management, integration with various business platforms, UI design, and overall capabilities of management server and reporting engine. Here's what we found.
  • Managed Services: More Than A One-Man Job
    Managed services players continue to make news, as Level Platforms and N-able Technologies unveiled platform upgrades and Dell said it aims to clarify its strategy after acquiring SilverBack Technologies.
  • Solution Providers Weigh New Business Models
    Within three years, many end users will buy laptops for $170 a year as users move to hardware-as-a-service plans, says Gavin Garbutt, president and CEO of N-Able Technologies.
  • MSP Incentra Grabs Sun VAR Helio
    Managed storage solution provider Incentra Solutions expanded its managed storage service offerings with the purchase of Helio Solutions, a Sun solution provider.
  • The Smart Way To Rip And Replace Vista With XP
    Many integrators are faced by an unexpected challenge created by Microsoft's latest operating system Vista. The problem solution providers are finding is that while Vista comes pre-installed on new systems many customers don't want it.
  • Six Steps To A More Secure Network
    When phishers successfully duped several business executives last month by pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service or the Better Business Bureau, it took the problem of cybercrime to a whole new level.
  • Strength in Numbers - Your Multi-Vendor Advantage as an MSP
    Dont's miss this rare opportunity to take part in an interactive discussion between a group of leading product and services vendors who'll explain how the components of a successful MSP business can come together quickly, improving the customer experience and speeding time to ROI.
  • How to use LightScribe technology to give your CDs and DVDs the look of professional laser-etched labels, without spending a bundle.

    Champagne Disc Labels on a Beer Budget
    How to use LightScribe technology to give your CDs and DVDs the look of professional laser-etched labels, without spending a bundle.
  • SilverBack Rivals Smell Blood
    Dell's announcement that it would acquire MSP platform provider SilverBack left many SilverBack MSPs pondering their futures this week, and SilverBack rivals are not missing out on the chance to woo new MSPs and customers.
  • Tenable Launches Federal Channel Program
    Network security vendor Tenable announced a federal channel program, providing support, training, marketing funds and lead generation to help target agencies with security monitoring solutions.
  • Dell To Buy MSP Platform Vendor SilverBack
    PC maker Dell plans to buy managed services platform vendor SilverBack Technologies, throwing itself into the MSP market as it seeks to expand its remote service and management lineup.