Sony Adds To Ultrabook Buzz With New 'Vaio T' Series

Originally coined by chip maker Intel last year, the Ultrabook form factor has exploded across the PC industry, with OEMs including Dell, HP and Lenovo having gone to market with both consumer- and commercial-specific iterations of their own over the past few months.

According to statistics released by Intel last month, there are 21 Ultrabook models on the market today and over 110 designs in the pipeline. The company said in a blog post last month that it has expanded on its list of must-have specs for Ultrabooks running on its third-generation processors, including a mandatory USB 3.0 port and Intel’s Thuderbolt input/out technology.

The new Sony Vaio T Series of Ultrabooks is available now, with the 13.3-inch starting at $769.99. Both models run on Windows 7, but Sony said users will have the option of updating to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 between now and January 13, 2013.

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