Lenovo Goes Small With New 'Tiny' ThinkCentre PC

The ThinkCentre M93z AIO desktop features a 23-inch full HD 1080p touchscreen display. It comes with equipped with a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 Haswell processor plus SSHD. Lenovo is aiming the M93z at business users that want touchscreen capability in a simple design that can also support VoIP and videoconferencing tasks.

Lenovo's Rios attributes the growing popularity of all-in-one desktop models to them being easy to use and having a smaller footprint.

"The key element here really is simplicity," said Rios. "People are gravitating toward an easy to set up, low space-taker, and it's not giving up performance; it's still powerful.

Robinson of Computer Upgrade King also said the M93z ThinkCentre model is an attractive offering for the business user because of the touchscreen support and all-in-one form factor.

"It replaces the system for a monitor, keeps power consumption down and its touchscreen enabled, which is great for a business environment," said Robinson. "Touchscreen becomes a point-of-sales systems, punching in time or other types of functionality."

More people are concerned with being environmentally friendly, specifically when it comes to energy consumption, Rio said. To that meet that growing need, the energy-efficiency qualities of the M93p and M93z yield less power consumption compared to traditional PCs, he said.

"Today there is a lot of concern where people want efficient computers that are especially environmentally friendly," said Rios. "With our products you save up to 20-50 percent on energy consumption."

The ThinkCentre M93p is currently available for $749 and up. Lenovo's M93z desktop models will be available later this month, with the touch model listing at $1,269 and the non-touch model priced at $1,029. The M83 will also be available later this month, starting at $699.