The Evolution Of Tablets

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Gartner predicts tablets will overtake PCs by next year. Apple only released the first iPad four years ago, so how did we get here? Here is a brief history of the evolution of tablets:

- 1989 – GriDPad launched

- 1991 – AT&T launched EO Personal Communicator

- 1993 – Apple Newton released

- 1993 - IBM released the ThinkPad portable tablet computer for the consumer market, (IBM ThinkPad 750P and ThinkPad 360P)

- 1997 – First Palm Pilot introduced by Palm

- 1999 - Intel announces a StrongARM-based tablet computer, the “WebPad” or “Intel Web Tablet”

- 2000 – Microsoft launched Pocket PC 2000

- 2009 – Android released Ultra and Vega tablets

- 2010 – Apple pushed tablets mainstream and consumerized IT with iPad

- 2010 - IDC Predicted Apple will sell 7.6 million iPads, Apple sold more than 15 million in three financial quarters

- 2010 – Samsung Galaxy Tab released

- 2011 At Consumer Electronics Show, more than 80 new tablets are announced from Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, and several others


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