CRN Podcast: Cisco Goes On The Offensive

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Cisco has been forced to restructure and retrench, but now the networking giant is looking to rebound by going on the offensive against rivals such as HP and Juniper.

While Cisco has endured a turbulent 2011 with layoffs and corporate restructuring, the normally quiet company has made a lot of competitive noise in recent weeks. Cisco executives have taken some jabs at rivals like HP, Juniper, Avaya and Huawei; in fact, Cisco even launched a Web site dedicated to mocking Juniper.

The company is also making a big investment in the channel as it goes to war against the competition. But will the tough rhetoric backfire for Cisco? And will the massive restructuring and job cuts take a heavy toll on the company?

CRN editors Chad Berndtson and Rob Wright discuss those questions as well as some of the key takeaways from Cisco's recent financial analyst day in the latest CRN Podcast.

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