CRN Networking News

  • Relational puts Avaya VoIP system to work for tornado-ravaged Georgia hospital

    Port In A Storm
    On the night of March 1, a tornado tore through Sumter Regional Hospital in Americus, Ga., leaving the 143-bed facility in ruins.
  • Review: Management With A Bite
    Keeping track of what's happening in the network is essential, but it's not always easy or affordable, creating a large opportunity for solution providers to step in with proactive network management services.
  • AMD Announces Two New Channel Programs
    New Athlon 64 Black Edition to be sold exclusively through resellers, single-socket motherboards and next-day board exchange added to AMD Validated Solutions program.
  • NIC Card Soup Gives LAX A Tummy-Ache
    A malfunctioning Customs network interface card -- and a half dozen other spoiled ingredients -- stranded 17,000 LAX travelers for 11 hours in the terminal and on the tarmac. Here's how it happened.
  • Linux Expo Offers Peek Inside Amazon, EBay Data Centers
    Linux went little mentioned in the opening day's keynotes at this week's LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, where for the first time the open source geekfest shares space with the debut Next Generation Data Center conference.
  • Windows VoIP Made Simple
    Despite all the chatter about integrating voice and data in communications, VoIP in and of itself only begins to touch on the true potential that comes from bringing disparate systems together. The power of convergence truly occurs when applications integrate with communications products. The VoIP offering from ObjectWorld takes this to heart, bringing telephony under the control of the IT department.
  • The Coming VoIP War
    Now that Microsoft is jumping into the VoIP market, it is only a matter of time. The war is coming. And it won't be Nortel vs. Avaya. Sure, those players will be around, and a few smaller players will survive. But the true battle royale will be between Cisco and Microsoft.
  • Cisco, F5 Networks and Riverbed roll out optimization, acceleration wares

    WANs Hit High Gear
    Solution providers are seeing a fresh wave of WAN optimization and application acceleration products as players like Cisco Systems, F5 Networks and Riverbed Technology have all launched wares in recent weeks.
  • The Changing VoIP Landscape
    A series of M&As. A private equity deal. A public offering. Oh, and the entry of a new major player. A storm of activity is whirling around the VoIP market.