CRN Networking News

  • 802.11n On Extricom's Radar Screen
    Extricom unveils a new 802.11n product suite, a lineup that lets users leverage 11n while protecting their investment in previous wireless gear.
  • Bake-Off: Network-Attached Storage
    Whenever the conversation turns to storage, SANs tend to hog the spotlight. However, there are valid technical and financial reasons for picking NAS, especially when several machines need access to the same set of data.
  • VARs say support and profitability are superior, but there's always room for improvement

    What Networking VARs Look For In A Partner Program
    The networking space can be a tough racket. VARs battle each other head-to-head and, in many cases, the products and solutions they offer have become commoditized. Inking a large deal requires legwork--more so than just technological superiority--and backing from a vendor with a solid partner program.
  • Review: Video Comes Around
    Microsoft Corp. has added another layer to unified communications with its RoundTable videoconferencing unit. For $3,000—roughly the cost of a few airline tickets for one executive—RoundTable offers high-end, plug-and-play videoconferencing that is cost-effective and easy to implement.
  • How SMBs can deploy a virtual LAN in eight steps

    8 And Switch
    Traditional LANs are defined by location. Virtual LANs, on the other hand, are not constrained by any geographic or physical limitations. While a LAN may make sense for small networks, it makes expansion or reorganization difficult. Under a LAN setup, all the devices and equipment are located physically near each other and directly connected to a router, which is why a physically disjointed organization can't use a single network address space. To put those users on the same broadcast domain, the organization needs a VLAN.
  • The N Crowd: Wireless N Put To The Test
    The Test Center examined 802.11n wireless networking gear from Meru Networks, Ruckus Wireless and Cisco Systems and found the products offer better performance, but don't yet reach promised heights.
  • Where's Cisco With Wireless N?
    Despite reluctance from Cisco, reviewers were able to obtain a Cisco Aironet 1250 Series 802.11n access point and test it.