CRN Networking News

  • It's Not Easy Being Green: Who Has The Greenest Switches?
    Calling a solution green has become a marketing buzzword and vendors are quickly following suit saying they have the greenest this or greenest that. But a controversial new study by research firm In-Stat set out to determine "who leads and who lags?" when it comes to green switching.
  • Hit The DECT: 10 Hot DECT VoIP Phones, Tools
    A number of vendors are bringing out phones based on DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) technology, an international standard known to be reliable, robust and secured. Check out these offerings.
  • If the vendors that dominate UC won't collaborate, VARs will have to link their own chains

    Let's Get It Together
    As the unified communications (UC) market seeks solid ground to firmly plant its feet, solution providers are heralding a new era of integration, saying that if vendors won't start playing nice together, everyone loses.
  • Facebook Faces-Off With Google's Friend Connect
    While Google claims that it hoped to grow traffic by allowing the free flow of profile information, Facebook contends that the move to block Friend Connect was in the interest of protecting its users' privacy.
  • 25 Hot Products From RetailVision Europe
    More than 75 vendors came to the magical city of Rome for RetailVision Europe 2008 to display their own product masterpieces to capture the hearts, imagination and buying power of nearly 100 of Europe's top retailers.
  • Inside Apple's Biggest U.S. Store
    Mac mania hit Boston this week as Apple opened its largest U.S. retail store. Thousands crowded in to take a peek. Here's what they saw.
  • EarthLink Cuts Off Philly Wi-Fi
    EarthLink's Philadelphia municipal Wi-Fi network is not the first municipal WI-FI network the company has shut down in recent months.
  • Senior Cisco Executive Departs
    Cisco's senior vice president of data center, switching and services becomes the third high-ranking executive to leave the company within the last 15 months.