CRN Networking News

  • Living In The New Age Of Voice And Wireless
    While voice over IP was capturing most of the attention among VARs in this year's Networking State of Technology survey, other technologies such as wireless LANs and mobile computing were holding ground as well.

  • Why VoIP For SMBs Is Hot
    It might be that their CEOs have heard the buzz about Skype and Vonage. Or it may be because it's time to upgrade the 6-year-old PBX systems they bought in the wake of Y2K. Whatever the reasons, businesses of all sizes have become extremely interested in Voice-over-IP.
  • Packeteer Tackles YouTube Videos on Corporate Networks
    Packeteer introduces new modules for its WAN optimization and application acceleration wares that aim to rein in Flash video traffic on enterprise networks, including streaming video content from sources such as YouTube, MySpace and network television Websites.
  • HP CFO: 'We're Happy With Channel Mix'
    Hewlett-Packard is happy with its current mix of direct and channel sales, although the company will continue to tinker with its model as needed, CFO Bob Wayman said Wednesday.
  • Westcon Forms Comstor Middle East
    The Westcon Group has formed a new company to target the Middle Eastern market in partnership with its South African parent company, Datatec, and Cisco Systems.
  • Ready For 100-Gigabit Ethernet?
    High-speed networking is on track to get a whole lot faster as the IEEE standards body has sanctioned 100-Gigabit Ethernet as the next frontier.
  • AT&T-BellSouth Merger Still Stalemated
    FCC chairman Kevin Martin's attempt to break a voting stalemate on AT&T's acquisition of BellSouth is drawing resistance from the two Democratic commissioners on the FCC as well as from at least one consumer organization.
  • Still 'Fat,' But 'Thin' Is In
    Thin-client computing goes by many names, but its definition is straightforward: a server-centric model whereby applications, data and CPU power reside on a network server instead of a desktop computer.
  • Manufacturers roll out range of pre-802.11n devices

    Coming Soon: Faster Wireless
    The emerging 802.11n wireless networking standard is certain to change the IT landscape with the promise of as much as 10 times the speed and four times the range of today's 802.11g.