CRN Networking News

  • Web Tool of the Future: Your Phone
    By 2020, the mobile phone will the primary connection tool to the Internet and it will be so integrated into our daily lives that it will be difficult to imagine what life was like without one, according to new research by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
  • eAccess Solutions unifies communications for ROI-hungry customers

    Solution Provider Chases BlackBerry Storm
    David Bean, president of eAccess Solutions, sits down with CRN to discuss unified communications and how the wireless mobility market space is evolving.
  • Affinity Index: Networking Infrastructure
    Cisco Systems was the go-to networking infrastructure vendor for the channel in 2008, and the vendor appeared to get stronger as the year wore on, according to new research by the Institute for Partner Education & Development.
  • Review: Baltimore Can Brag About WiMAX
    When Sprint's XOHM unit unveiled its first-in-the-U.S., commercially supported WiMAX network—providing 4G speeds for wireless connectivity—the company didn't seem to spare any expense at its kick-off event for the media.
  • Free Internet Access On FCC's Docket
    Free Internet access continues to be a hot topic as the cell phone industry vociferously opposes it, while the Republican leadership of the FCC entertains proposals in favor of it.
  • Field Mobility: The Business Priority Your Customers Cannot Ignore
    Never mind current economic conditions. Mobile workforce and wireless are now a critical business priority due to factors everyone can understand - increased productivity outside "the four walls," need for more up-to-date information and the lack of tolerance for information delays. Mobility cannot be delayed. It cannot be ignored.
  • Juniper Sets Sights On Nortel Partners
    Juniper Networks is promising strong investments in the channel and its partners while also extending an invite to Nortel partners concerned about economic uncertainty and Nortel's continued struggles.
  • Network integrator focuses on education, branching out to SMB

    Infinity And Beyond
    Born in 2000, Infinity Network Solutions Inc. (2008 CRN Fast Growth rank 67) started out primarily as an IT consultancy. Today, with more than 40 employees, it is a full-fledged network integrator. Focused mainly on the K-12 state and local government and education (SLED) market, Macon, Ga.-based Infinity recently has made a foray into the small to midsize market, primarily companies with 25 to 200 employees. Company President Robert Betzel shared some insights on markets worth pursuing and on challenges ahead.
  • Agito Networks Names New CEO
    Fixed-mobile convergence vendor Agito Networks hires a 24-year telecommunications veteran as its new chief executive.
  • How To Add Internet Printing To A Network Infrastructure
    Yes, the times dictate: Digital information is master. Yet sometimes you've just got to have a hard copy. Sometimes, it's where someone is stuck in a remote corner of the globe in a location that barely has comfortable bedding, let alone on-site printing capabilities.