CRN Networking News

  • Smartphone Platform Buyer's Guide
    Smartphones get attention for their sleek designs and multimedia pizzazz, but it's their operating systems that give them their genius. Hre's a business tech buyer's guide for the BlackBerry, Linux, Mac OS X, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms.
  • Apple Confirms 802.11n Download Fee
    Apple confirmed Friday that it will charge Mac users a small fee to switch on faster and longer-range wireless technology already tucked into their machines.
  • Report: Apple Gets 50 Percent Margin On iPhone
    Each iPhone sold will generate nearly a 50 percent gross margin for Apple and its carrier partner Cingular Wireless, according to a preliminary functional Bill of Materials estimate by iSuppli.
  • Report: Apple Will Charge For 802.11n Access
    Apple will charge Mac users $4.99 to turn on faster, longer-range wireless technology included with machines equipped with Intel's Core 2 Duo or Xeon processors, a pair of Mac enthusiast Web sites reports.
  • Verizon Spins Off Northern New England Operations In $2.72B Deal
    Continuing its strategy of spinning off older operations to concentrate on growing wireless and broadband cable services, Verizon Communications announced Tuesday that it will move key Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont local exchange and related business operations into a separate entity with FairPoint Communications of North Carolina.
  • Apple Unveils 802.11n Wireless Base Station
    Lost among the hoopla over the iPhone, Apple on Tuesday quietly launched a new AirPort Extreme Base Station wireless access point that supports 802.11n, the still-unsanctioned wireless LAN/Wi-Fi protocol that boasts faster transmission speeds and greater range.
  • Cisco's Chambers: Connected Home Will Create Massive Network Loads
    Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers Tuesday showed off his vision of the connected home of the future and promised attendees of the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show that they "haven't seen anything yet" in terms of the amount of traffic that will flow over the network as video and multimedia take hold in the home market.
  • Cisco Teams With Jabber For Collaborative Messaging
    Jabber, Inc., a real-time messaging company, on Tuesday plans to announce the integration of its Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP) with Cisco's Unified MeetingPlace conferencing product, bringing video, voice, and Web conferencing to customers through the Jabber Messenger client.
  • Evolve Technologies fits shoe company with converged network and telephony solution

    Keeping Up With Crocs
    That kind of growth required a rapidly scaling IT infrastructure, and Boulder, Colo.-based solution provider Evolve Technologies paved every step of the way.
  • Qwest Asks Agents To Take A Pay Cut
    Qwest Communications is asking its master agent partners to take a pay cut, based on proposed changes to the commission structure of its Master Representative Agreement.