CRN Networking News

  • Slide Show: 802.11n Gear Gets The Stamp Of Approval
    Adoption of the draft 802.11n wireless standard has been slowed by imperfect early products, but new gear certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance is hitting the market. Here are some of the first products to pass the test.
  • Interview: RCM Technologies
    RCM Technologies senior networking engineers Mike Cadorette and Greg Herbst discuss the trends in network management and how to make the most out of vendor relationships.
  • VoIP Vendor's IPO Underway After Delay
    Shares of VoIP vendor ShoreTel Communications rose more than 36 percent Tuesday morning in its stock market debut after delaying its IPO pricing last week.
  • How to get noticed by the federal government and primes

    A Guide to Government Subcontracting
    Larry Allen, executive vice president of the Coalition for Government Procurement, offers advice on how to earn a place on federal contracts.
  • Pulling Profit Out of Thin Air
    Pulling Profit Out of Thin Air Overcoming those all-too-common wireless limitations present a significant opportunity for Solutions Providers as businesses rely more and more on un-tethered connectivity.Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 2p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT
  • ShoreTel IPO Marred By Patent Infringement Suit
    ShoreTel hit a stumbling block on the road to its IPO as rival Mitel Networks slapped the VoIP vendor with a patent infringement lawsuit that appears to have delayed trading of its shares.
  • 802.11n Gear to Get Seal of Approval
    The Wi-Fi Alliance this week began testing wireless products based on the latest draft of the 802.11n standard, paving the way for "Wi-Fi Certified" products to hit shelves this summer.
  • VARs are quickly realizing the worth of Network Behavior Analysis

    NBA Reveals The Bigger Picture
    Most security administrators worth their salt don't fret much about locking down the network perimeter. But the internal network, with its mass of switches and routers connected in a distributed fashion, represents a much larger challenge—one that intrusion prevention systems (IPSes) can't quite address.
  • First, Audit The Assets
    A step-by-step look at how asset management applications can take the pain out of compliance audits.
  • VoIP War Rages On
    The fate of Avaya is now somewhat clear. The company that began as Ma Bell and lived as a part of Lucent Technologies before being cast off on its own will stay in the VoIP market to battle with Cisco and Nortel.
  • Avaya COO: Buyout Will Create Stronger VoIP Player
    Avaya's pending acquisition by two private equity firms paves the way for the VoIP vendor to aggressively pursue the IP communications market, Avaya COO Michael Thurk told CRN in an interview Tuesday.
  • Avaya To Go Private In $8.2B Deal; Partners Relieved
    Avaya ended a week of speculation when it unveiled plans to go private via an $8.2 billion deal with investment firms Silver Lake and TPG Capital. Partners expressed relief that Avaya wasn't being gobbled up by a competitor.
  • Antenna Software, iEnterprises, Explore Mobile forge mobile links to hosted ERP service.

    Partners Mobilize NetSuite ERP
    NetSuite's hosted ERP service is now accessible via popular mobile devices including the ubiquitous Blackberry thanks to Explore Mobile, Antenna Software, and iEnterprises.