CRN Networking News

  • Review: Small Router Does It All
    SMBs' connectivity demands are on the rise. VARs can answer the call with Netgear's versatile ProSafe Gigabit VPN Firewall 25 FVS124G.
  • Trendnet delivers best price/performance but lacks Gigabit

    Review: 4 Routers Take Wi-Fi To Nth Level
    All right—so the high-speed 802.11n standard is still in draft form, but the channel doesn't want to wait to deliver solid, secure, high-performance wireless solutions to every corner of businesses of every size. What are the options?
  • Review: Web Creation Made Easy
    Microsoft is breathing new life into Web authoring and content creation with Expression Studio, its new Web development suite that takes on design software stalwart Adobe.
  • RuBee Seen As Alternative Protocol To RFID
    You have got used to ZigBee and are pondering the benefits of WiBree, so start getting used to yet another wireless networking protocol: RuBee, also known as IEEE 1902.1. The emerging standard is expected to give retailers and manufacturers an alternative to RFID for many applications.
  • Skype Unveils New Features For Business
    One day after eBay CEO Meg Whitman admitted the financial performance of the company's Skype operation was disappointing, the VoIP unit has updated its Skype for Business offerings.
  • Palm OS Clings To Life
    Mobile vendor Palm faces a challenge because it uses an operating system with an uncertain future, and it has a limited ability to change the perception that the "Palm OS is dead."
  • Intel Upgrades Centrino With 802.11n
    Intel is upgrading the wireless component inside its Centrino Duo mobile technology to make it easier for wireless computer users to download and play music, videos and movies.
  • Smartphone Platform Buyer's Guide
    Smartphones get attention for their sleek designs and multimedia pizzazz, but it's their operating systems that give them their genius. Hre's a business tech buyer's guide for the BlackBerry, Linux, Mac OS X, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms.
  • Apple Confirms 802.11n Download Fee
    Apple confirmed Friday that it will charge Mac users a small fee to switch on faster and longer-range wireless technology already tucked into their machines.
  • Report: Apple Gets 50 Percent Margin On iPhone
    Each iPhone sold will generate nearly a 50 percent gross margin for Apple and its carrier partner Cingular Wireless, according to a preliminary functional Bill of Materials estimate by iSuppli.