CRN Networking News

  • Dell, Aruba Ink Reseller Deal
    Aruba's existing base of resellers won't be competing with Dell for new accounts, because they serve different areas.
  • AT&T Says Mobile TV Is Ready For Primetime
    AT&T says its Mobile TV service will be ready for viewing in May, despite a four-month delay. The wireless giant also unveiled two new devices that will feature the service.
  • How One Florida VAR Became A Wireless Mesh Expert Overnight
    Entech Computer Services had never sold a wireless mesh solution before. So when the the Fort Myers, Fla.-based solution provider got a call from a nearby high-end condominium complex, asking for help installing wireless Internet in 122 suites in 16 buildings on a six-acre property, the VAR knew it would need some help.
  • VAR Works Wireless Wonders
    When a Florida condo complex needed a working wireless infrastructure, it called on solution provider Entech Computer Services.
  • A Conversation With Cisco's John Chambers
    Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers recently sat down with ChannelWeb, discussing everything from the future of networking to the economy to the presidential election.
  • Motorola Separation Leads To Layoffs
    The same day it announced it's separating its Mobile Devices and Broadband and Mobility Solutions businesses, Motorola laid off several employess, some that were working on mobile devices.
  • 802.11n On Extricom's Radar Screen
    Extricom unveils a new 802.11n product suite, a lineup that lets users leverage 11n while protecting their investment in previous wireless gear.
  • How SMBs can deploy a virtual LAN in eight steps

    8 And Switch
    Traditional LANs are defined by location. Virtual LANs, on the other hand, are not constrained by any geographic or physical limitations. While a LAN may make sense for small networks, it makes expansion or reorganization difficult. Under a LAN setup, all the devices and equipment are located physically near each other and directly connected to a router, which is why a physically disjointed organization can't use a single network address space. To put those users on the same broadcast domain, the organization needs a VLAN.