CRN Networking News

  • Microsoft's Gates: Say Goodbye to VoIP As You Know It
    In an interview with CMP Channel, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates touted the vendor's entrance into the VoIP market as an evolution that will change the way customers communicate. He also downplayed the likelihood of Google and open-source VoIP staking a claim in the enterprise space, and revealed how his own work life has changed as a result of the technology.
  • California CIO To VARs: We Need Your Help
    California state CIO J. Clark Kelso told VARs attending CMP's 2007 GovernmentVAR State and Local Roadshow that a wave of retirements expected to hit the state over the next five years means a boom awaits solution providers that can help California upgrade and maintain its IT infrastructure.
  • Polycom Takes On Cisco In Telepresence
    Polycom is rolling out a new high-definition videoconferencing system that aims to provide life-like video calls that can take the place of face-to-face meetings.
  • Gates Pitches VoIP To VARs
    Channel partners are gearing up for the flood of new business opportunities expected to flow their way as Microsoft launches its long-awaited unified communications portfolio.
  • Nero 8 Does It Again
    The Nero 8 burning software is simpler to use than ever. A new project launcher provides complete access to all the tools, but that's only the beginning—Nero is now Web-savvy. With one click, users can upload videos onto some of the largest social networking sites on the Web like YouTube and MySpace. They can also upload music as well as other media files.
  • Too Exposed?
    As government contractors continue to accrue overwhelming amounts of business, they need to consider a variety of unique risks and challenges they may face, including complicated national security issues. Insurers writing this business find it is a high-maintenance, hands-on prospect that demands a great deal of expertise on the parts of underwriters, loss-control experts, agents and brokers.
  • Show Of Support, Times Two
    Top-notch product innovation and partner support are defining characteristics of any No. 1 vendor in VARBusiness' Annual Report Card. But in the Networking Infrastructure category, two companies excelled in those areas, tying for first-place honors.