CRN Networking News

  • Nortel Targets SMBs With New VoIP Wares
    Nortel continues to target the SMB market with new VoIP products and features to help eliminate growing pains smaller busineses face with phone systems and voice applications.
  • Cisco promises an '08 overhaul to counter "lumpy" market segement

    Over The Lump
    Cisco Systems is overhauling its most popular network switching platforms as it moves to jump-start slumping U.S. enterprise sales.
  • Feeding The Need For Speed
    At a whopping 16X dual-layer recording speed, the new Samsung Super-Writemaster SH-S203N DVD burner simply blows away 12X recorders. Samsung did not leave out older media, either, so the drive also supports all CD/DVD disks, including DVD-RAM.
  • It's Official: Google Plans 700 MHz Bid
    Let the bidding begin. Google plans to participate in the Federal Communications Commission's upcoming auction of wireless spectrum in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band.
  • Channel Best-Sellers: Networking That Pays Off
    SMB wireless networking kingpin Linksys and its parent Cisco Systems continued to dominate the SMB wireless networking market, according to data from the NPD Group/Distributor Track for the six-month period ending June 2007.
  • Ensuring clear expectations for IT overhaul

    The Challenge Of Electronic Health Records
    About a year ago, the IT coordinator at Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley, Bryce Bowman, knew it was time for a complete overhaul. The dated infrastructure of his Allentown, Pa., employer no longer measured up to the IT demands of its 30 affiliated physician practices.
  • VoIP and networking management surpass network infrastructure by leaps and bounds

    Networking Outlook: "Signs Point To Yes"
    For VARs hawking traditional networking infrastructure hardware and software, 2007 was a tough year. Not so for VARs hustling to keep pace with expanding markets, such as VoIP and network management, storage solutions and wireless--here the size of the average deal swelled and the duration of a typical sales cycle shrunk.
  • Microsoft's chairman shares his opinion on the company's move to VoIP

    Questions For Bill Gates
    As Microsoft last month began its long-awaited march into the VoIP market with the launch of its unified communications portfolio, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates shared his views on a number of topics related to the voice market with CMP Channel Assistant News Editor Jennifer Hagendorf Follett. Edited excerpts of their conversation follow.