CRN Networking News

  • New inside sales team passes potential customers to midmarket, high-end SMB VARs

    Nortel Call Center Leads The Way
    Nortel Networks has taken the latest step in its broad strategy to bolster its SMB channel efforts with a new call center built specifically to uncover sales leads for solution providers.
  • How identity management helps the education market ensure secure access

    Roll Call
    How identity management helps the education market ensure secure access
  • ClearMesh Networks offers optical alternative to RF

    Shedding Light On WANs
    End users want high performance, low overhead and cost-effective networking infrastructures.
  • How to build a network-monitoring system

    Keeping Network Tabs For Less
    Many systems builders find themselves doing double-duty as network administrators for their customers. So it's only natural for the customer to rely on them when there are network problems.
  • Open-Source VoIP Takes A Few Steps Forward
    Several vendors, including Fonality, Digium, and Polycom announced new VoIP software, gear and partnerships designed to move open-source telephony into the mainstream.
  • Cisco Seeking VoIP Masters
    Cisco Systems Monday launched its much-anticipated Master Unified Communications specialization, a new top-level badge for partners with the skill set to deliver complex VoIP solutions.
  • BMB Group employees watched as the skies exploded over Beirut. Now they feel it's their mission to help rebuild a shattered country.

    Survival Of A Solution Provider
    For Simon Samia, it is about more than simply the survival of the solution provider business he co-founded a decade ago in Beirut, Ebanon. It is the survival of his family, his c-workers at BMB Group, his way of life. As the bombs exploded over his homeland this past July, no one knew what the future would hold. Reporter Scott Campbell gives us a first-hand look into these turbulent times.
  • ShadowRAM: November 6, 2006
    Word has it that Microsoft's planned iPod killer Zune (What? Why are you laughing?), which execs in Redmond thought would be widely available for the holidays, could be hitting a speed bump in Europe. Regulators are said to be particularly concerned with electromagnetic/RF interference issues. If true, that would make for a pretty bleak holiday season across the pond. Think about it: David Hasselhoff fans all over the continent would be forced to listen to his MP3s on iPods.
  • Integrators, builders and vendors form successful partnerships to bring new technologies to fickle production home market

    Production Home Partner
    If there's one dark cloud over the home integration landscape, many integrators say it's the production home market, brought down by higher interest rates and inventory gluts. Integrators Nick McCullough and Frank DeFilippis of Link Your House strongly disagree.
  • A home integrator's digital signage solution sparks sales for one local winery

    A Fine Vintage
    A California winery is experiencing a booming crop of sales, thanks to a local digital integrator and a custom-built Media Center PC solution.
  • VARs Hop On Wi-Fi And Cellular Convergence
    With more and more vendors laying groundwork to make the convergence of Wi-Fi and cellular technologies a reality, VARs say they are getting ready for a communications shift that will drive WLAN, VoIP, applications and services sales.
  • Two VoIP Vendors To Call On
    Solution providers seeking their share of the growing SMB IP telephony market are turning to smaller vendors like Digium and Allworx to fill that need.