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  • VoIP and networking management surpass network infrastructure by leaps and bounds

    Networking Outlook: "Signs Point To Yes"
    For VARs hawking traditional networking infrastructure hardware and software, 2007 was a tough year. Not so for VARs hustling to keep pace with expanding markets, such as VoIP and network management, storage solutions and wireless--here the size of the average deal swelled and the duration of a typical sales cycle shrunk.
  • Microsoft's chairman shares his opinion on the company's move to VoIP

    Questions For Bill Gates
    As Microsoft last month began its long-awaited march into the VoIP market with the launch of its unified communications portfolio, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates shared his views on a number of topics related to the voice market with CMP Channel Assistant News Editor Jennifer Hagendorf Follett. Edited excerpts of their conversation follow.
  • Hospital Moves To VoIP
    When it decided to update its aging communications system, BryanLGH, a hospital in Lincoln, Neb., called in a trusted solution provider, Windstream Communications, to help it make the transition from TDM to VoIP.
  • Cisco's Chambers Sees 'Lumpy' U.S. Enterprise Market
    Cisco's U.S. service provider and commercial business remained strong in the first quarter, both turning in year-over-year order growth of roughly 20 percent. Not so for the enterprise space, said John Chambers.
  • Putting The Microsoft VoIP Puzzle Together
    Microsoft is the first to admit that when it comes to VoIP, it can't quite do it all. There are several more pieces to the VoIP puzzle that solution providers working with Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 and the rest of Microsoft's new portfolio will need to add.
  • Google Shares Near $700 Amid Rumor Talks With Verizon, Sprint
    It's no trick that Google shareholders could be in for a treat this Halloween: the company's shares could top $700 for the first time today. In after-market trading, shares sold for $698.39. The stock was up amid rumors that Google is poised to announce a mobile phone strategy.
  • What's new in microprocessors and what's coming down the pike

    State Of The Fast Chips
    Want processing power? Forget what Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are selling. The computational power of the universe beats any of the two chip makers' products by a wide margin.