CRN Networking News

  • Agents Face Carrier Quota Quandary
    Many telco agents are now feeling the need to diversify their services offerings and branch out further into VoIP and wireless technology.
  • Carrier commission, margin cuts push resellers to find new revenue streams

    Telecom Agents Swarm Into Midmarket VoIP
    Stung by carriers' commission and margin cuts, reseller agents are abuzz about VoIP solutions for the midmarket, where they see an opportunity to make up lost income.
  • Integrators find it's a home sweet home

    Welcome To Your Digital World
    Solution providers looking to tap into the growing home networking market are finding that it's about more than just wireless routers.
  • AsteriskNow Rocks Open Source Telecom World
    Solution providers searching "Mark Spencer" on YouTube will find not only a bizarre clip about a homemade cake and humorous downloads regarding British department store Marks and Spencer, but a sure-fire way to increase sales in the lucrative IP PBX and VoIP market courtesy of Asterisk open-source PBX creator Mark Spencer.
  • iPhone Lawsuit On Hold
    Apple and Cisco Systems are back at the bargaining table to try to settle differences over the use of the name iPhone.
  • Wi-Fi Phone Buyer's Guide
    VoIP service providers Skype and Vonage have partnered with hardware makers to release cell-like phones that can use their services via Wi-Fi networks. Here's how to get started.
  • Cisco Powers Up Catalyst Switch Line
    Cisco Systems has revamped its Catalyst switch portfolio, boosting support for inline power and bolstering capacity to support rising network performance demands.
  • Apple Starts Selling 802.11n Software For $1.99
    Apple on Tuesday started selling $1.99 software that lets Mac users connect to faster, longer-range wireless networks, fulfilling a promise it made two weeks ago to charge for the enhancement.
  • HP's ProCurve Looks To Move On Up
    Hewlett-Packard's ProCurve unit recently passed Nortel to take over the No. 2 slot in enterprise networking revenue and the number of ports shipped to businesses. Next in ProCurve's sights: Cisco, or at least parts of Cisco.
  • Zink Unveils Inkless Photo Printing
    At the Demo 07 conference, Zink Imaging introduced a new way to print color images without ink cartridges or ribbons. "Images magically appear on the Zink paper without a drop of ink," the company claims.
  • 3Com Takes on Cisco with Open Source Play
    3Com Monday unveiled its strategy to combat the all-in-one networking approach espoused by rival Cisco Systems via a new Linux-based networking module it will use to integrate a variety of applications with its routers and switches.
  • Review: Small Router Does It All
    SMBs' connectivity demands are on the rise. VARs can answer the call with Netgear's versatile ProSafe Gigabit VPN Firewall 25 FVS124G.
  • Trendnet delivers best price/performance but lacks Gigabit

    Review: 4 Routers Take Wi-Fi To Nth Level
    All right—so the high-speed 802.11n standard is still in draft form, but the channel doesn't want to wait to deliver solid, secure, high-performance wireless solutions to every corner of businesses of every size. What are the options?