• Jumping The Gun
    When the Fibre Channel over Ethernet standard is ratified next year, it could mark the official beginning of the next stage of development for the storage industry. But it's not without its controversy.
  • Are You Ready For The Great Wireless Wave?
    From small businesses to enterprises to the federal government to regional service providers, more and more customers have been approved to introduce wireless broadband technology into their IT infrastructure as a means to be more flexible and more efficient.
  • VoIP VARs Make World Series Wager
    Tampa, Fla.-based Telovations and Philadelphia-based Alteva, two VoIP specialists have placed a friendly wager of two bushels of oranges for a dozen cheesesteak sandwiches, decided by the outcome of the Rays-Phillies series that begins tonight in Florida.
  • Where's Mom? IM Her And Find Out
    Traditional nuclear families—those with two married parents and one or more children—are more likely to use technology to stay in touch during the day than other types of families, according to a Pew Internet Research report.
  • What's The Score?
    Following are 18 pages with detailed information on the winners--and losers--in each of the ARC categories. from Client and Server Processors to Workgroup Color Printers, here's the skinny.
  • Microsoft Dishes On New OCS 2007 Release
    At the VoiceCon conference in Amsterdam, Microsoft is talking about the new features and functionality that'll be part of the next version of Office Communications Server 2007.
  • Woz Sounds Off On Innovation, iPhones and More
    Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, is never short of stories, nor opinions. In advance of his keynote address at ScanSource's ImpactNow event next month, Wozniak met with Everything Channel to give his unpredictable views on everything from iPhones to green technology.
  • Cisco And A Former VAR Square Off In Court
    Infra-Comm has sued Cisco, alleging breeches of its reseller contract and deal registration program, and Cisco has counter-sued Infra-Comm for hurting its services business and misuse of the Cisco brand.
  • VoIP And The Beanstalk
    When Sheri and Eli Gurock opened the first branch of Magic Beans in Brookline, Mass., in 2004, they had modest hopes for their store: an outlet for high-end toys and baby gear targeted at modern parents willing to spend a bit more for the good stuff.
  • Head Of The Class
    Not every company can say that it still has the first 14 customers it had when its doors opened nearly 20 years ago. But CSI Technology Outfitters Inc.'s first 14 are all still there, and they join more than 600 other clients that are variously in education, local government and nonprofit organizations.