• Margin Makers
    From printers to add-on storage and lots in between, peripherals can provide the spark you're looking for.
  • The VoIP Risk Factor
    Security experts believe it's just a matter of time until widespread attacks on VoIP systems begin to materialize. But there has yet to be a major event to make the IT industry sit up and take notice.
  • Managed Services: More Than A One-Man Job
    Managed services players continue to make news, as Level Platforms and N-able Technologies unveiled platform upgrades and Dell said it aims to clarify its strategy after acquiring SilverBack Technologies.
  • Presidio Pumps Itself Up
    Robert Murphy, Northeast divisional co-president at Presidio Networked Solutions, recently spoke with senior editor Jennifer Bosavage on the merger that catapulted $216 million (2005 revenue) Presidio Networked Solutions into the mega-VAR realm.
  • Back(up) To The Future
    Several companies, ranging from small service providers to giants like Google, are looking at ways to help customers large and small store more of their data online, and less on tape and even hard drives.
  • Windows VoIP Made Simple
    Despite all the chatter about integrating voice and data in communications, VoIP in and of itself only begins to touch on the true potential that comes from bringing disparate systems together. The power of convergence truly occurs when applications integrate with communications products. The VoIP offering from ObjectWorld takes this to heart, bringing telephony under the control of the IT department.
  • The Coming VoIP War
    Now that Microsoft is jumping into the VoIP market, it is only a matter of time. The war is coming. And it won't be Nortel vs. Avaya. Sure, those players will be around, and a few smaller players will survive. But the true battle royale will be between Cisco and Microsoft.
  • The Changing VoIP Landscape
    A series of M&As. A private equity deal. A public offering. Oh, and the entry of a new major player. A storm of activity is whirling around the VoIP market.
  • 10 Questions For Cisco's VoIP Gurus
    Two of Cisco Systems' VoIP experts, Barry O'Sullivan, senior vice president of voice technology, and Richard McLeod, director of unified communications solutions for worldwide channels, recently spoke with ChannelWeb about the changing VoIP market, the challenge of working with Microsoft as it pushes into the unified communications space and what it all means for channel partners.
  • Review: VoIP, Clean And Simple
    With all of the focus on VoIP right now, an increasing number of solution providers are looking for ways to break into the market with simple but powerful solutions.