• Make Way for Microsoft
    For all of the solution providers who've said they're taking a wait-and-see approach to Microsoft's impending unified communications blitz, the wait is almost over. Microsoft has been laying the groundwork for its march into the voice market for some time now, throwing out tantalizing tidbits along the way, including a wide-ranging partnership with Nortel Networks in July 2006 to develop integrated VoIP products as well as the release of the public beta of its Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 in March.
  • Cisco Casts Network Net
    For Cisco Systems channel partners, it's time to think software. In its quest to dominate the VoIP market, Cisco is putting increased emphasis on the applications that tie into a voice system to provide true unified communications solutions.
  • Beyond PCs
    Twenty three years ago, Sun Microsystems' John Gage famously said, "The network is the computer." It's a phrase that holds true more than ever, judging by CMP Channel's Sourcing Study.
  • Price Is Still Right
    Distributors spend a lot of time marketing their different service offerings and financing options, but the biggest reason solution providers select a sourcing supplier is still price and availability, according to this year's CMP Channel Sourcing Study.
  • Port In A Storm
    On the night of March 1, a tornado tore through Sumter Regional Hospital in Americus, Ga., leaving the 143-bed facility in ruins.
  • Margin Makers
    From printers to add-on storage and lots in between, peripherals can provide the spark you're looking for.
  • The VoIP Risk Factor
    Security experts believe it's just a matter of time until widespread attacks on VoIP systems begin to materialize. But there has yet to be a major event to make the IT industry sit up and take notice.
  • Managed Services: More Than A One-Man Job
    Managed services players continue to make news, as Level Platforms and N-able Technologies unveiled platform upgrades and Dell said it aims to clarify its strategy after acquiring SilverBack Technologies.
  • Presidio Pumps Itself Up
    Robert Murphy, Northeast divisional co-president at Presidio Networked Solutions, recently spoke with senior editor Jennifer Bosavage on the merger that catapulted $216 million (2005 revenue) Presidio Networked Solutions into the mega-VAR realm.