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  • Cloud Storage Week 2015: Lots Of Opportunities, Lots Of Questions

    Is the cloud ready for storage? Is storage ready for the cloud? Solution providers are asking themselves, and their customers, these very questions as they look at new ways to protect, recover and archive data.

    The CRN Cloud Storage Week project takes a five-part look at how the channel is approaching this technology, and at how storage vendors are both leading and reacting to the trend to bring more workloads and data to the cloud. Here's a look at what's on tap for Cloud Storage Week 2015:

    • Monday: A look at the market in general, general trends, what solution providers are doing.
    • Tuesday: Slide show on cloud-based data protection software applications.
    • Wednesday: A look at how solution providers can take advantage of public cloud storage.
    • Thursday: Slide show on purpose-built backup appliances with storage on the back end.
    • Friday: Slide show on cloud-based data archiving applications.
    Cloud Storage Week

    6 Storage Solutions For Cloud-Based Archiving

    Cloud-based archiving combines the power and convenience of local data protection with the scalability and reliability of the cloud to provide long-term access of data in a low-cost solution that often meets regulatory and compliance requirements.

    Cloud Storage Week

    11 Storage Appliance Solutions For Cloud-Based Data Protection

    Integrated appliances, which combine the power and convenience of local data protection with the scalability and reliability of the cloud, may be a better alternative than stand-alone data protection software.

    Cloud Storage Week

    Cloud Storage: Channel Slowly Warms To Public Clouds

    Solution providers' use of public storage clouds ranges from no way to all the way as they weigh the options based on flexibility, resilience, privacy and cost.

    Cloud Storage Week

    19 Software Solutions For Cloud-Based Data Protection

    Data protection is a critical part of ensuring a business will survive threats to the integrity of its data whether it's managed on-premise, in the cloud, or anywhere.

    Cloud Storage Week

    Cloud Storage: Bright Future For Industry, Big Opportunity For Channel

    As the demand for cloud storage continues to surge, solution providers are finding a variety of approaches to using the cloud that leverage skills they honed through years of SMB and enterprise storage experience.


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