Video Networking

  • Sun To Use Software To Beef Up Storage
    Newly-acquired software and virtualization technology combined with a stronger channel partner focus will help Sun Microsystems continue to grow as a one-stop-shop for storage in 2003, said Mark Canepa, executive vice president of storage products for the company.
  • U.S. Economy Slows To 0.7 Percent Rate
    The U.S. economy slowed dramatically in the final quarter of last year, growing at a annual rate of just 0.7 percent as consumers turned cautious in the face of war worries, a rollercoaster stock market and a stagnant job climate and increased their spending by the smallest amount since 1993.
  • Insight Loses $78.1M In 4Q
    Insight Enterprises reported a loss for its fourth quarter and said it expects demand for computer products to remain sluggish.
  • Hanging Together
    The difficulty associated with creating viable solutions is both the greatest opportunity and the single biggest threat to the channel today.
  • Why Do It Yourself?
    It doesn't require great powers of deduction to guess from my last name that I am pretty familiar with the concept of Catholic guilt. I also suffer from a pretty serious martyr complex,trying to take on way more than I can possibly handle. I am only now learning to delegate.
  • Birth of a VAR
    VARBusiness is looking for a few new solution providers who have started their businesses in the past year to profile in the ongoing "Birth of a VAR" series. Contact associate editor Rob Wright for more info.