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  • Sept. 11: Government—Not Business—Sets Pace In Spending
    The events of Sept. 11, 2001, riveted the nation's attention on security, in both the physical and the cyber realms. A year later, data security remains a priority, but it's the federal government that's putting its IT money where its mouth is, solution providers say.
  • Sept. 11: Pentagon Attack Gives IT Community A Common Goal
    As the first anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon approaches, Washington-area solution providers recalled the human toll but said the disaster has galvanized high-tech companies and their customers in efforts to make America more secure.
  • Partners In Perseverance
    Many New York solution providers awoke on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, expecting to work for clients. But before lunchtime, they found themselves working for humanity.
  • ShadowRAM
    Many employees at Siebel Systems spent Labor Day weekend stewing over a birthday bash thrown by the company's CEO, Tom Siebel. A report in the San Francisco Chronicle said Siebel chartered a jet and flew guests to an exclusive Four Seasons resort in Mexico to celebrate his wife's 40th birthday. Not only did Siebel pick up the tab for the guests' flights and hotel rooms, but he also booked the entire resort, the report said. He also flew in Elton John to entertain the crowd. The price tag for the weekend topped $1 million, the Chronicle estimated.