Video Networking

  • New Influencers
    Vendors that do not dig deep to develop a component of their channel programs to reach the new influencers,that part of the market that is driving solutions sales,are going to find themselves at the bottom of the market-share charts.
  • Hard Facts: September 30, 2002
    One basic question staring down the channel is when business technology investment will start growing. Recent data on investment is positive, but historical trends raise a yellow flag, as longer-term growth of technology investment is strongly tied to broader trends in business infrastructure investment.
  • IBM To Ship New Blades In November
    Following through on plans it began discussing last month, IBM said it will shortly begin shipping its first blade servers with an entry price of less than $2,000 for dual Xeon-based systems.
  • Stratus Upholds Reputation For Fault Tolerance
    Stratus Technologies is well-known for building some of the best fault-tolerant servers on the market, and its new ftServer 5240 is no exception, providing five-nines uptime reliability without clustering.
  • Measuring IT's Value
    There is a crisis of confidence gripping corporate IT departments, brought on by the ongoing economic malaise. CIOs of all stripes are being hard-pressed to answer some troubling questions from their CFOs. Specifically, after more than 10 years of nonstop investment, where are the projected savings and revenue growth that were supposed to have been brought on by IT?
  • Vendors' Partners Test White-Box Waters
    Solution providers that sell branded systems are taking a closer look at the white-box business, with some opting to take the plunge into systems building.
  • N1--The Next Technology Revolution for the Data Center
    We all know the story that is often told in computing history lessons; from tubes to transistors, from centralized-computing to distributed-computing. But what has really changed over the past couple of decades? Sure, system intelligence has improved and processors have revved up, but we haven't quite made the same level of revolutionary jump that PC brought back in the early 80s. That is, until Sun's announcement of N1 last week at the SunNetwork 2002 Conference in San Francisco. According to Scott McNealy, Sun chairman, CEO and president the new N1 architecture is complexity made simple.