Video Networking

  • nVidia Card Shortage Hits System Builders
    In what could be a positive sign for the PC industry, VARs are finding themselves facing a shortage of video cards from nVidia because demand has been higher than expected.
  • McNealy's SunONE Strategy: Supplant BEA, Veritas
    Scott McNealy is hoping that solution providers partnering with software vendors Veritas Software and BEA Systems will dump those companies' middleware products and rely on a SunONE software stack integrated either with the Sun Solaris or Linux operating system.
  • Toshiba Recruits Hot Spot Partners
    Toshiba Computer Systems Group is working on a deal with Intel to introduce white-box builders to its fledgling wireless hot spot program.
  • [Another Face-Off
    Bleeding market share and struggling to reorganize, Advanced Micro Devices is turning to an old friend (the channel) and a new opportunity (the corporate enterprise) in the hope of renewing its heated competition with chip giant Intel.
  • <I>CRN</I> Interview: Hector Ruiz, AMD
    Ruiz took the reins as president and CEO of AMD on April 25 after being selected for the job by his predecessor, co-founder and chairman Jerry Sanders. Ruiz spoke with CRN Senior Editor Edward F. Moltzen earlier this month, before the company announced plans to cut 2,000 jobs and take a charge of between $300 million and $600 million against profits for the fourth quarter.
  • IBM's WebSphere 5 Set For Release
    IBM Tuesday plans to release Version 5 of its WebSphere Application Server, nearly six months after executives first said the product would be available.