Video Networking

  • Creative Strategy Drives White-Box Maker's Business
    There's a difference between white-box resellers and white-box solution providers. Resellers are systems builders that simply push a plain box to the usual customer base and then moan about decreasing sales and slumping profit.
  • Finding a Return On Internet Investment
    Even though technology spending is down, companies are still looking to invest in Internet and Web initiatives,but they want them to be closely related to measurable business value. Like business in the real world, these initiatives must show a clear, measurable return on Internet investment (ROII). That puts a new level of responsibility and accountability on solution providers, requiring them to build an ROII framework around each project. Here's how:
  • Trusting Microsoft
    When will users of Microsoft's software finally get the protection they deserve to keep their hard disks and address books safe from viruses and other malicious software? Maybe never, but lately these customers have another reassurance in the ever-escalating war of words from Microsoft on hardening their software.
  • Flat-Panel LCDs: What’s Ahead
    For the typical desktop, most IT managers considering flat-panel LCD monitors will be looking at 15- and 17-inch displays, priced in the $400 to 500 and $700 to $900 range, respectively. Customers requiring a step up in performance can go with larger displays or add digital interfaces and pay incremental premiums. Those that really want to push the envelope and are willing to shell out five figures for a monitor can look for ultra high-resolution displays suited for the most demanding of medical, manufacturing or design applications where the highest level of precision is essential.
  • Non-Biometric Security Solutions
    Not all the airport security solutions are related to the much-discussed biometrics segment. Here's what other companies are doing:
  • WorldCom Holds Call To 'Set Record Straight'
    John Sidgmore, recently appointed CEO of WorldCom upon Bernard Ebbers' departure last month, held a call with the press and analysts Wednesday to clear up what he views as misperceptions circulating about WorldCom.
  • Honoring the Best
    What do you get when you bring the CEOs and senior executives of the industry's most powerful solution providers together to network and share their ideas? The answer: Something you don't want to miss. Find out why when VARBusiness hosts its exclusive awards ceremony June 25, honoring the companies that stand out on the 2002 VARBusiness 500. The exclusive dinner and awards event, to be held in New York's Rainbow Room, will also feature an executive roundtable of VARBusiness 500 CEOs, offering them an unprecedented opportunity to share ideas and build new business alliances. For more information, call (866) 827-5001, or go to