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  • You're Using <i>That</i> Still?
    When I asked readers to send me their oldest software applications, I wasn't prepared for the depth and breadth of what "oldest" really means. Do you count the number of years, or the number of people that are using it? Do you give partial credit to developers who are still currently supporting their customers? It was a lot of fun, let me tell you, to judge the entries. Here are some of the more noteworthy ones.
  • U.S. Decides Against Further Microsoft Antitrust Filing
    The Justice Department has decided not to participate in the continuing legal fight involving two states that refused to settle antitrust claims against Microsoft, possibly strengthening the appeals case by the holdout states.
  • Intel Cuts Celeron Prices
    Chip maker Intel cut prices on its Celeron line of processors, including an 18 percent cut on the 2.4GHz version of the lower-cost chip.
  • The End of Outsourcing Storage?
    Back in the days of the new economy, many veteran storage administrators loathed the thought of outsourcing any part of storage management. So companies like Storage Networks were banking on the numerous new Internet companies to finally change that way of thinking.
  • Silicon Valley Execs Made $1B In 2002
    The highest-paid executives of Silicon Valley's largest companies took home $1 billion last year, according to an annual executive compensation survey.