Video Networking

  • Overview of Integration Servers
    The basic idea behind integration servers is to use prebuilt adapters, rather than custom programming, to perform integration. The adapters simplify the process of integration, drastically reducing the amount of customization required and facilitating reuse. In addition, integration servers provide services to handle functions such as communication, translation and transaction coordination.
  • Will PDFs Eliminate Paper?
    The Office of Management and Budget has mandated that by Oct. 21, 2003, all federal agencies must allow individuals the option to file government forms electronically. The guidelines, outlined in the Government Paperwork Elimination Act, deem electronic documents and signatures as legal as those on paper.
  • Systems and Components Briefs
    AOpen's New CD-RW Drive Offers Speed, ReliabilityAOpen has unveiled its latest CD-RW drive, the CRW3248, which provides high reliability and compatibility by writing CD-R disks at a speed of 32X (4,800 Kbps) and CD-RW disks at 12X (1,800 Kbps). It reads CDs at up to 48X (7,200 Kbps). In addition to playing DVDs, it also comes with Just Link and Just Speed error-
  • Distribution Briefs
    Westcon Acquisition Still Very Much AliveAs of last month, Westcon Group parent Datatec had terminated its acquisition discussions with Landis Group,
  • On the Verge of a New Convergence
    Much attention continues to revolve around the interesting work IT is doing in Web services. Interoperability of heterogeneous computing environments has long been a dream, increasingly so as architectures become even more distributed. Web services, alone, seem to be well-positioned to help IT better solve this interoperability puzzle and, ultimately, the enterprise integration problem. Certainly, CIOs have the mandate to find better integration solutions; they have the budget, and they're aware that Web services can be used for integration. As a result, Hurwitz Group is seeing quick adoption of Web-services technology. But pragmatism necessitates we look at least one step beyond foundational concepts of Web services, which reveals the needed convergence of Web-services tools with business process management (BPM) tools,a combination that should bear fruit for those interested in making Web services successful.