Video Networking

  • It's Time To Toss 'Toss'
    Hewlett-Packard promises it has figured out how to price its Wintel products. I wish that was a joke statement, but it's not. That a major vendor has difficulty quoting prices must baffle customers. For years, it has certainly been the single-most frustrating bone of contention between solution providers and hardware vendors including HP and Compaq Computer.
  • Hard Facts: August 12, 2002
    Solution providers are hedging their bets for near-term sales growth of storage hardware and software, according to CRN research data. But even so, sales expectations remain considerably stronger in the storage market than in other major hardware and software categories.
  • Sprint PCS Completes Next-Gen Network
    Sprint PCS said Thursday that it has completed its next-generation wireless network, promising customers access to faster wireless data services across its nationwide coverage area.
  • Qwest Reports $1.14 Billion Loss
    Qwest Communications International blamed investment losses and WorldCom 's bankruptcy for its $1.14 billion loss in the second quarter and further lowered its financial forecast for the year on Thursday.