Video Networking

  • ECDN 101: Advanced Topics in ECDNs
    Building an ECDNThe ultimate goal of the ECDN is to guarantee that users can successfully access the mission-critical content and applications of the enterprise. This includes streaming media for distance learning and corporate communications, new Web-enabled customer relationship management applications (such as those being offered by Siebel or PeopleSoft), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). It also includes employee access to the Internet to look for, say, the best price on supplies; the intranet to access the enterprise portal application, or the extranet for collaboration with partners. Finally, software and services are prominent on everyone's radar, including Web services, .Net, and J2EE architectures.
  • Security 102: Information Security Plan Testing and Management
    As our final class in the Security 102 series, you won't be surprised to learn that we're preparing for the big test. Not the kind with answer sheets and number two pencils, but the testing and management of our information security plan to ensure it is providing the protection your company needs.
  • Storage 102: Consolidation in a Storage Network
    Use What You Have, Buy What You NeedWhat storage technologies enable you to get the most from your existing storage resources? What storage architectures provide you the flexibility to easily and cost-efficiently deploy new storage solutions? This article will examine those two questions and make the case that a software-centric design provides the best architecture for your storage infrastructure.
  • Accenture Lays Off 1,000; Shares Drop 6 Percent
    Shares of Accenture were down nearly 6 percent in late afternoon trading Tuesday following news the consulting giant, based here, plans to lay off about 1,000 employees in the United States, England and Australia.