Video Networking

  • AT&T Wireless Gets Behind Wi-Fi, Rejects Flat-Rate Billing
    AT&T Wireless aims to bridge next-generation cellular services with Wi-Fi wireless hot spots, said Andre Dahn, president of the carrier's mobility services subsidiary, on Monday in a speech at the Lehman Brothers Global Wireless Conference in New York.
  • What Makes GTSI So Sexy?
    It's good to be the king. As board chairman and CEO of GTSI, Dendy Young is sitting at the top of the federal marketplace among VAR senior executives. GTSI commanded $783 million in total revenue in 2001, with some 93 percent of that total coming from federal contracts. Young is well-seasoned within the government sector: He sold Falcon Systems, a government systems integrator he founded, to Oracle in 1988 and Falcon spin-off, Falcon Microsystems, to GTSI in 1994.
  • Uncle Sam Wants You
    In the past six months, government has emerged as one of the biggest global vertical market opportunities. According to VARBusiness' 2002 State of the Market survey, the North American government vertical market, which comprises the federal, state and local sectors, was cited by technology solution providers as one that is expected to present the greatest opportunity to them in the next three years. In our follow-up survey after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the federal government, specifically, grew eight percentage points in terms of opportunity expectations,the largest increase of all verticals cited.
  • Secure Position
    No single customer is more concerned about security and IT than the federal government. In the post-Sept. 11 world, federal customer demands have soared for not only military and homeland security technology, but also for knowledge management, data storage, network security and myriad other high-growth areas.
  • Wireless Wins
    From bus stops to battlefields, government agencies are making the most of mobile data. Across the country, public servants are using wireless systems to better serve and protect citizens. You can muscle in on the action, no strings attached.
  • Coming Together
    When there's a sizeable uptick in government IT spending,such as the one occurring now,there's a trickle-down effect at state and local levels. And when those governments are buying, it's the neighborhood VAR that benefits.
  • Partnering With the Government
    What's the secret to success for working with public-sector clients? The name of the game is creating, maintaining and deepening relationships. "Building relationships is job one, with acquiring vertical specialty expertise falling close behind that," says Roger Kay, director of client computing at IDC, Boston. But exactly how do you do that in the government sector?