Video Networking

  • The Memory Market Wishes It Could FOrget the Past Year
    Had a year you'd rather forget? Try selling memory for a living. In what other market could total sales fall by two-thirds and a supply crunch still result? It happened to memory in 2001,just before prices plummeted, supplies ballooned and a gray market soared.
  • Distribution Briefs
    Synnex And HP See Eye-To-Eye On CompaqSynnex Information Technologies has come to an agreement with Hewlett-Packard, permitting access to a variety of products manufactured by the former Compaq Computer. Synnex customers will be offered two complete product lines formerly known as the access business group and the industry-standard server group. The company will maintain inventory and distribute both the build-to-order and configure-to-order desktops, notebooks and iPAQ products, and the build-to-order and configure-to-order Wintel servers and business-class storage products. Synnex, based in Fremont, Calif., is familiar with Compaq products, having distributed them indirectly for some time before the merger.
  • Up Close and Personal: IBM's Bob Moffat
    With a talent pool as deep as any, IBM is often pressed to find enough top spots for all its top people. The best technologists can hope to become IBM Fellows. The top finance people can hope for a seat on a corporate or community board. The best decision makers, however, distinguish themselves in another way: They run IBM's businesses.
  • Dressing Up Open Systems
    The application development market is at its biggest crossroads since client-server database tools were first popularized in the late 1980s. Within the next few years, developers will change the way they build and deploy applications. To make matters more interesting, the applications will extend beyond the enterprise and be available on a wider variety of platforms and devices. The changes are wide-ranging and will affect both large and small solution providers, corporate IT shops and independent consultants alike. To be sure, it is an exciting time to play in this market.
  • This Chicken's No IT Coward
    Talk about a risky proposition. When Tyson Foods wanted to replace its aging VAX systems, the Springdale, Ark.-based chicken producer knew it would have to make the change without so much as a hiccup. After all, Tyson relied on these systems to run its entire operation,from materials purchasing and inventory management to vehicle tracking and accounts receivable. Nearly a terabyte of data had to be transitioned literally overnight.
  • Security Steps Up a Notch
    An emerging subscription model for vulnerability scanning is breathing new life into security solution providers, who view these services as a way to convince customers their networks and applications need more protection.
  • How to Measure Customer Satisfaction
    An old proverb says a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But ask any IT solution provider, and he'll tell you that a customer with an existing account beats five prospects any day of the week.