Video Networking

  • Distributors Dispense IT Remedies to Cure Health-Care Woes
    Health-care organizations employ some of the most expensive, state-of-the-art technologies to cure people. But when it comes to their back offices and file rooms, where operating efficiency and data management are suffering and creating a tremendous security risk, many of them have yet to employ the same cutting-edge technologies. Some administrators are still shuffling papers and manila file folders.
  • Older Wiser And Winning ASPs
    Dan Delunthal remembers when the ASP industry scared him. As CEO of Connect Computer, which had specialized in application development and integration for much of its existence, Delunthal was looking for new areas to break into back in 1999. He attended an ASP Consortium Show in that year in San Francisco, where a number of well-funded and high-profile ASP start-ups were being touted as the dominant forces of the growing industry.
  • Strategies For All Sizes of Solution Providors To Sell To The SMB Market
    The small and midsize business (SMB) market provides an enticing, yet dangerous, sales opportunity for IT solution providers (SPs). It is an enormous market, but confusing to those who attempt to sell into it. The SMB market is a diverse collection of thousands of individual geographic and vertical market segments that have been generally lumped together by definition as a single target market. Sales strategies that approach this market as a single, homogeneous market will fail. Additionally, successful SMB strategies typically differ by the size of the IT SP. The following are examples of successful SMB sales strategies for various sizes of IT solution providers.
  • Security Startups Take Center Stage
    One of the foremost issues weighing on the minds of network administrators is security. Only recently has the technology begun to catch up to the problem. But as networks expand to include more users and business processes, the need for innovative security solutions will remain constant. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies both new and established that are filling the need.
  • The Agent Factor
    It's a familiar scene for VARs. Michael Goldstein, vice president of sales and marketing at network integrator LAN Associates, was helping a client with an infrastructure upgrade. He spent two months advising the company, a law firm in Florida, about which servers, switches and operating system would best fit its needs. Goldstein, a Novell Platinum partner, was expecting to land a deal in which his company would not only provide ongoing integration services, but resell all the networking equipment to the firm.
  • It's All About Your Influence
    AlphaNet Solutions, a Cedar Knolls, N.J.-based solution provider, pulled off a feat of Houdini-like proportions in 2002. Although it drastically reduced the amount of products it sold for vendors last year, it, nonetheless, maintained its upper-echelon standing in several vendor programs designed for reseller partners.
  • Distributors: We're Not Going Anywhere
    Solution providers are buying more products through alternative sources, but distributors are still here and they're not going away, said panelists at a CMP Solution Provider Xchange session here moderated by CRN Deputy News Editor Jeff O'Heir.
  • How To Attract Top-Notch Talent
    What makes one solution provider better than another to work for? Indeed, what makes one the "Best" company for employees? Much of that assessment boils down to a VAR's hiring process and corporate recruitment effort. Here are some tips for attracting the best workforce possible.