Video Networking

  • Via's Eden Motherboard Is Up To Speed
    Even with the many high-performance processors and motherboards out there, there is still a population of users in need of smaller, less expensive and less powerful platforms. VIA Technologies' Eden EPIA-5000 mini-ITX motherboard is a sexy little board with just enough power and purpose.
  • CA Says Contracts Are In Order
    Computer Associates International Monday said in a statement that it properly booked revenue in accordance with the revenue recognition policies outlined in its public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • SBC Makes Data Services Push
    SBC is offering a broader set of data services in an attempt to cash in on the $30 billion data services market.
  • Reflections from Comdex
    I was sitting in a large meeting room at the MGM Grand Hotel Sunday evening along with about a hundred other journalists from all over the world. In the front of the room, not far from my seat, a panel was about to gather to discuss the IT industry. In the rear of the room was a buffet-style assortment of finger foods, soda and coffee. And directly behind me was a gentleman who was steadily ridding himself of excess gas with the utmost impunity.
  • Red Hat CEO Sizes Up Rivals
    Although his company remains unprofitable, Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik insists his organization is best positioned to play a leadership role in the open-source community and in the software industry as a whole. "In my view, we are building the defining software company of the 21st century and winning more converts by the day," he says.