Video Networking

  • Again, Goldman Sachs Lowers Outlook For IT Spending
    Wall Street may still be overly optimistic about the prospects for a high-tech recovery. IT spending has weakened this quarter and early indications are that growth next year will be only nominal, according to a report released by Goldman Sachs on Monday.
  • Rationalizing IT Investment
    With the outlook for capital IT spending hovering somewhere between weak and nonexistent, solution providers of all shapes and sizes are scrambling to revamp their value propositions. For those that can't evolve from simply being a dealer of new technology to something more useful to their clients, the future grows dimmer by the quarter. So it's no coincidence that a number of VARs and integrators are changing their go-to-market strategies to fit these new realities.
  • Health-Care Wireless Woes: Finding A Cure
    Walk into any hospital and you'll be hard-pressed not to find medical staff using a computer system. Why, then, are mobile systems having such a tough time wiggling their way into the health-care space?
  • Vendors Choose Sides in API Battles
    Executives at Hewlett-Packard made a pretty confident storage announcement on Tuesday: HP and Hitachi have signed an agreement to exchange the APIs (application program interfaces) on their storage subsystems.
  • Sun Enhances Two Entry-Level Server Lines
    Sun Microsystems on Tuesday continued its assault on the Wintel market with a refreshment of its entry-level server lines, adding new processors and software bundles without raising prices.
  • Protecting Paper Assets Becomes Key
    Much as Y2K fallout raised doubts about the wisdom of society's dependence on computers, the World Trade Center attacks may be having the opposite effect.