Video Networking

  • Deciphering the Fed
    In this issue of GovernmentVAR, we delve more deeply into the IT strategies of one of the largest federal departments, along with the
  • It's Time For You to Get Out of the Sun Market
    There is nothing sadder in business than the death of a VAR organization. The only thing that comes close is when a firm is forced to file for bankruptcy protection to stave off hungry creditors. Many companies don't survive that process intact. Some emerge with an entirely new business model. But for the resellers and integrators of Sun products, filing Chapter 11 or shuttering operations is becoming a way of life. Many Sun VARs are living on the edge of financial ruin or being propped up by one of Sun's two distribution partners. That's Sun's dirty little secret, say its partners. And all the while, Sun executives sit on the sidelines and talk about how they are weeding out the weaker channel players.
  • Toshiba's Mobile Moves
    As Toshiba America Information Systems continues to hone its focus on mobile and wireless products, the company last week unveiled a portable wireless server small enough to fit into a typical computer bag.
  • St. Bernard Upgrades Net Filtering Appliance
    St. Bernard Software last week released an upgrade to its Internet filtering and policy-enforcement appliance that allows solution providers to more quickly define usage policies.
  • Microsoft In The Know
    Microsoft's effort to make sense of myriad technologies suitable for use by knowledge workers is a bright idea if executed correctly, solution providers said.
  • a Look To The Future
    On the eve of our 1,000th issue, the CRN staff is busy working on a retrospective of the past 20 years that you will read next week.