Video Networking

  • Distribution Briefs
    Targus Targets Ingram Micro To Manage Outsourcing Wholesale provider Ingram Micro, based in Santa Ana, Calif., has announced that its North American IM-Logistics division will manage outsourced logistics functions for Targus Group International, Anaheim, Calif. Targus, a leading global supplier of mobile computing cases and accessories that distributes to more than 145 countries, will rely on IM-Logistics to serve as the outsourced partner for its retail channel, overseeing warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment and transportation management.
  • Making Sense of IT
    For business managers with a voice in technology-purchasing decisions, listening to a solution provider's pitch can be a lot like listening to a doctor explain the common cold as infectious nasopharyngitis. Sure, the doctor may be an expert in the field of medicine, but if the terminology he or she uses is too difficult to understand, it's useless to the patient.
  • Fearless Flight
    You have exactly 10 minutes to make it to the terminal before your flight departs. And the cab just left you off. Up ahead, there's a crush of fellow commuters caught in an achingly slow security-clearance check. But you take a deep breath, bypass the jam and get to your coveted window seat without a snag.
  • The Plunge Into Wireless
    Wireless LANs (WLANs) are going where no network has gone before. To help you make the journey, we've researched everything you need to know about WLAN technology and standards, along with leading vendors and their products, and VAR-support programs. We'll also cover WLAN security solutions and design considerations.
  • Beyond Status Symbol
    While prospects for a surge in near-term PC sales remain dim, flat-panel LCDs appear to be the one bright spot for solution providers. Plummeting prices and improved features are moving the products beyond status symbol to become a viable alternative to aging CRT monitors.