Video Networking

  • Ingram Micro Unfurls Wireless Bundles
    Ingram Micro has partnered with Sprint PCS and VoiceStream/T-Mobile to sell the carriers' wireless data and voice services prebundled on a variety of PDAs.
  • Curran Leaves Tech Data
    As Tech Data's vice president of U.S. sales, Tim Curran helped grow the distributor's revenue to $11 billion from $4 billion during the more than five years he worked there. He's now looking to do the same for a vendor.
  • Partner Portal On Tap
    As a part of its effort to improve communications with its partners, Qwest Communications International is set to launch a new partner portal in September.
  • Inside the Deal That Rocked IT Services
    By now, you've heard the news from IBM and its CEO, Sam Palmisano, that the company will pay $3.5 billion to acquire PwC Consulting. And you've no doubt already heard the spin from Big Blue on the many benefits for IBM and its channel. In reality, however, the merger may not be as neat and tidy a package as IBM is making it out to be. There's a long list of issues that have to be addressed for the acquisition to come together as planned.
  • A Big Deal For Businesses Large And Small
    This issue of VARBusiness is dedicated to deciphering the attitudes SMBs have regarding IT solutions, but it's being overshadowed by an event that speaks volumes about what is going on at the opposite end of the spectrum. Of course, I'm referring to IBM's proposed $3.5 billion stock and cash purchase of PwC Consulting. Many industry observers contend it will change the IT services landscape, but, I'm not so sure it will do so that dramatically.
  • HP Direct: No Price Advantage
    Hewlett-Packard rolled out the framework for a combined HP-Compaq channel strategy that promises level pricing for HP direct and solution providers.
  • IBM Taking WebSphere To SMBs
    IBM has been collaborating with partners to craft small-footprint versions of its WebSphere application server and portal to go after Microsoft in the SMB market.