CRN Networking News

  • 3Com, Bain Merger Hits Snag
    National security fears may sour the merger between 3Com and Bain Capital Partners, a deal that would make China-based Huawei a minority stakeholder.
  • Review: Bye Bye Network Jams
    As if peer-to-peer downloading wasn't enough, now YouTube and other new forms of video content are jamming network traffic. What can solution providers do to mitigate this onslaught?
  • Alternative Vendors: VoIP
    In a market as strong as VoIP, it's no wonder solution providers have so many options. While solution providers identify Cisco as the leading VoIP vendor, they say a bevy of rivals are on deck as strong, viable alternatives.
  • Alternative Vendors: Wireless Networking
    As wireless networking becomes much more pervasive, partially due to the upcoming deluge of 802.11n products, VARs are faced with a choice: Go with the established leader, or align themselves with second-tier wireless vendors that can offer similar performance, better prices and higher margins.
  • Five rivals go head-to-head for small-business IP telephony crown

    Bake-Off: Small Business VoIP Contenders
    The increasing availability of VoIP products specifically targeting small businesses means it's easier than ever for solution providers to design a solution that fits customers' needs. Our Test Center pits five rivals head-to-head for the small-business IP telephony crown.
  • Alternative Vendors: Data Networking
    It's no secret that when it comes to data networking, Cisco Systems Inc. is king. Still, that doesn't scare off VARs looking for success with alternative vendors. Going against the big boys and selling wares from alternative vendors like ProCurve Networking by HP, 3Com Corp., Nortel Networks Corp. and a host of others can have its rewards.
  • How to Move a Data Center Without Breaking Any Dishes
    Every day, VARs and solution providers are tasked with helping customers move a data center from one place to another. The CMP Channel Test Center looks at what you'll need to know to keep this as painless as possible.
  • Videoconferencing: For Today And Tomorrow
    Solution providers say 2008 could be a breakout year for videoconferencing. Here's a look at products to sell today and a sneak peek at what you could be offering tomorrow.