• Cisco Still On Top Of The Heap
    New partner programs and wireless technologies helped give Cisco Systems' scores the boost they needed to dominate the wireless product category in this year's VARBusiness Annual Report Card survey.
  • Listen Up! FMC Is Near
    The advent of Wireless-N technology could be the kick in the pants to spur the market for VoIP solutions that tie together Wi-Fi and cellular calling.
  • ProCurve: Switch Hit
    Hewlett-Packard's Pro-Curve Networking by HP division is making hay with its strategy to capture networking market share by offering cost-effective technology, a tactic it is now trying out in the network core.
  • Price Is Still Right
    Distributors spend a lot of time marketing their different service offerings and financing options, but the biggest reason solution providers select a sourcing supplier is still price and availability, according to this year's CMP Channel Sourcing Study.
  • Presidio Pumps Itself Up
    Robert Murphy, Northeast divisional co-president at Presidio Networked Solutions, recently spoke with senior editor Jennifer Bosavage on the merger that catapulted $216 million (2005 revenue) Presidio Networked Solutions into the mega-VAR realm.
  • Calling All VARs
    When a young adult in Ripon, Calif., beat up another person at a park and stole a skateboard, he probably thought he got away with it. No one else was around—including any cops—and he took off before the victim even picked up his cellphone. Besides, this was a petty crime; the police have more important things to do than track down an unidentified guy with a skateboard. He had gotten away with it.
  • At Work Or Play: No Escaping The Network
    Advances in technology are eliminating barriers of speed and distance, bringing the Internet to the places where people used to go to escape from being connected.
  • WANs Hit High Gear
    Solution providers are seeing a fresh wave of WAN optimization and application acceleration products as players like Cisco Systems, F5 Networks and Riverbed Technology have all launched wares in recent weeks.
  • Bake-Off: 3 Network Management Solutions Put To The Test
    Nowadays, connecting a device to the network is generally as simple as just plugging it in. On the other hand, knowing what's on the network, understanding what's happening and troubleshooting problems is getting more complex.
  • Review: Secure 'Access Anywhere
    Mention the word "wireless" to business managers and visions of "access anywhere" pop into their heads. Mention the same word to network administrators and security breaches come to mind.
  • Review: Ideal Backup For SMBs
    There is no need to stress the importance of regular backups to solution providers, as they are more than familiar with the pain data loss can cause their customers.
  • No Mobile Channel?
    All the hype around the iPhone got me thinking about the smart phone space and lack of real channel players in what is sure to become the next important computing platform.