• What's On Your Radar?
    As solution providers leave a year scarred by mortgage issues and high energy prices, CRN asked a number of companies from our annual Fast Growth list for their 2008 forecast. Some say advanced technologies will open new doors. Others agree, but add that CIOs will be waiting with sharpened pencils and a need to justify spending. Almost all expect to feel the squeeze from a lack of qualified talent. We'll let their words speak for themselves.
  • Robots For The System Builders
    Standardization and componentization have often stood as stumbling blocks for bleeding-edge technologies. But some new technologies are on their way to overcoming these hurdles.
  • Aruba Targets Cisco With AirWave Acquisition
    Aruba can now offer AirWave's wireless management to existing Cisco customers along with other Aruba solutions that will compliment their Cisco installed base without the need for replacement.
  • RFID: 4 Steps To Do It Right
    With compliance requirements, concerns about theft, protecting the supply chain and managing inventory management, it's no wonder radio-frequency identification solutions seem to be on a lot of companies' radar screens.
  • 5 Wireless Trends To Watch In 2008
    Wireless trends like 802.11n, fixed-mobile convergence, network openness, Web services and more courtesy are certain to gain traction in 2008.
  • Computers In The Classroom
    here's a lesson plan for VARs looking to expand into the mobile computing space: Get into the classroom. Take a look at the following opportunities in which higher education is spending big bucks.
  • Driving Growth
    VARBusiness took its annual dive deep into the minds of IT VARs to examine the state of the market going into the new year. What we learned from the CMP Channel State of the Market 2008 study is that, despite jitters felt across the national economy, the channel still feels sanguine about the year to come.
  • Making New Connections In the Home Integration Market
    John Prince, president of Jacksonville, Fla.-based home integrator Atlanta Home Tech, remembers the not-so-distant era of blockbuster custom home integration in the U.S. housing market. It was an epoch of double-digit growth, production builders ordering liberal pre-wiring of developments and clients closing on properties simultaneously.
  • Time Domain RTLS Can Really Track Things Down
    Time Domain recently launched a new channel program for its real-time locating system (RTLS), which is based on ultra-wideband technology that the company says provides a new level of precision in tracking assets and people.
  • Where The Growth Will Be In 2008
    The boom goes on. Nearly three-quarters of solution providers expect to grow their revenue at least 5 percent in 2008 and they're preparing for the added business by looking for new technologies and new customers, according to the 2008 CMP Channel State of the Market Study.
  • Draft Or Not, 802.11n Gear is Here
    The 802.11n standard is only a draft, but vendors are not letting that pesky detail stop them from releasing a slew of new products. "Draft N" 802.11 gear has been available for several months now—Linksys, Belkin and D-Link all offer draft-compliant lines.
  • It's Official: Google Plans 700 MHz Bid
    Let the bidding begin. Google plans to participate in the Federal Communications Commission's upcoming auction of wireless spectrum in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band.