• McAfee: Malware Attacks On Mobile Operators Soar
    Recent research by security vendor McAfee found that mobile operators around the world are faced with a greater threat of attacks from cybercriminals, despite spending more on wireless security.
  • Tech Companies Eye Unused TV Spectrum For Wireless Devices
    An informal coalition of technology companies -- including Dell, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft and Philips Electronics -- has asked the FCC to make unused portions of the TV broadcast spectrum available for unlicensed use by wireless devices. Microsoft, for one, is preparing to submit its prototype "cognitive radio" soon.
  • Ingram Axes Nimax Name
    As it kicked off its third annual partner invitational in Las Vegas today, Ingram Micro announced that it will be changing the name of its Nimax division to the Ingram Micro Data Capture/POS division.
  • The Surprise Driver Behind Today's RFID Projects
    Three years ago, amid the gold-rush mentality spawned by RFID mandates from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and retail behemoths Wal-Mart and Target, Miles Technologies--like many of its peers and competitors--took action.
  • Welcome To Your Digital World
    Solution providers looking to tap into the growing home networking market are finding that it's about more than just wireless routers.
  • iPhone Lawsuit On Hold
    Apple and Cisco Systems are back at the bargaining table to try to settle differences over the use of the name iPhone.
  • Wi-Fi Phone Buyer's Guide
    VoIP service providers Skype and Vonage have partnered with hardware makers to release cell-like phones that can use their services via Wi-Fi networks. Here's how to get started.
  • Avnet Teams With Stratum On RFID Solutions
    Avnet Technology Solutions this week said it has partnered with manufacturer Stratum Global to bring RFID solutions to market through the distributor's enterprise mobility group.
  • Cisco Powers Up Catalyst Switch Line
    Cisco Systems has revamped its Catalyst switch portfolio, boosting support for inline power and bolstering capacity to support rising network performance demands.
  • Apple Starts Selling 802.11n Software For $1.99
    Apple on Tuesday started selling $1.99 software that lets Mac users connect to faster, longer-range wireless networks, fulfilling a promise it made two weeks ago to charge for the enhancement.
  • Review: 4 Routers Take Wi-Fi To Nth Level
    All right—so the high-speed 802.11n standard is still in draft form, but the channel doesn't want to wait to deliver solid, secure, high-performance wireless solutions to every corner of businesses of every size. What are the options?
  • A Look At Four Cool Products
    Even though there have been efforts in recent years to make PCs more power efficient and to generate less heat, the latest high-end systems draw more power and generate more heat than ever before.
  • RuBee Seen As Alternative Protocol To RFID
    You have got used to ZigBee and are pondering the benefits of WiBree, so start getting used to yet another wireless networking protocol: RuBee, also known as IEEE 1902.1. The emerging standard is expected to give retailers and manufacturers an alternative to RFID for many applications.