• iPhone It Is!
    Looks like Apple and Cisco must have worked out their little scuffle on use of "iPhone" because sure enough, Steve Jobs unveiled one this morning.
  • Steve Jobs' Shadow Looms Large Over CES
    Stock-options backdating scandal notwithstanding, Apple CEO Steve Jobs' shadow is looming large over this year's Consumer Electronics Show. That's because many here view Jobs as perhaps the only technology executive who may be able to deliver on the holy grail of the connected home.
  • The New AT&T: Wireless At Its Heart
    The new AT&T will increasingly be a wireless communications company that also generates income from advertising and offers television and broadband data services.
  • Network Is The Key To Signage
    You could say Ron Gross, CEO and chairman of Dynatek Media, is obsessed with the convergence of IT and AV and the opportunities it has opened up. He isn't the only one.
  • Bradford Revs Up Campus Manager
    Security upstart Bradford Networks earlier this month unveiled a new version of its flagship Campus Manager NAC offering that includes revamped identity management, end-point compliance, policy enforcement features and VPN support.
  • The E-Mail Push
    With Motorola's purchase of Good Technology, one would expect the wireless e-mail wars to heat up. Good Technology's software has been known as a viable alternative to Research In Motion's BlackBerry Enterprise server, and with the power of Motorola behind Good, the merged companies hope to be able to offer both hardware and software that challenge RIM's market share.
  • Netgear Wireless Flaw Comes To Light
    Security researchers from the Month of Kernel Bugs (MoKB) project have dished up details on another critical wireless device driver vulnerability, this one affecting a popular Netgear wireless product.
  • Researcher Unearths D-Link Wireless Driver Flaw
    Security researchers have discovered a buffer overflow vulnerability in the wireless driver that ships with a widely used D-Link wireless USB adapter that could enable attackers to gain control over an affected PC.
  • Review: Networking On A Low-Fiber Diet
    With its Clearmesh 300, Clearmesh Networks eliminates the hassles of fiber by shifting the networking signal -- light waves in this case -- to an above-ground installation.
  • Exploit Released For Broadcom Wireless Flaw
    The Broadcom wireless device driver that ships with Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Gateway, eMachines and other notebook PCs contains a buffer overflow vulnerability that could allow attackers to gain control over an affected machine.