• At Work Or Play: No Escaping The Network
    Advances in technology are eliminating barriers of speed and distance, bringing the Internet to the places where people used to go to escape from being connected.
  • WANs Hit High Gear
    Solution providers are seeing a fresh wave of WAN optimization and application acceleration products as players like Cisco Systems, F5 Networks and Riverbed Technology have all launched wares in recent weeks.
  • Bake-Off: 3 Network Management Solutions Put To The Test
    Nowadays, connecting a device to the network is generally as simple as just plugging it in. On the other hand, knowing what's on the network, understanding what's happening and troubleshooting problems is getting more complex.
  • Review: Secure 'Access Anywhere
    Mention the word "wireless" to business managers and visions of "access anywhere" pop into their heads. Mention the same word to network administrators and security breaches come to mind.
  • Review: Ideal Backup For SMBs
    There is no need to stress the importance of regular backups to solution providers, as they are more than familiar with the pain data loss can cause their customers.
  • No Mobile Channel?
    All the hype around the iPhone got me thinking about the smart phone space and lack of real channel players in what is sure to become the next important computing platform.
  • Slide Show: 802.11n Gear Gets The Stamp Of Approval
    Adoption of the draft 802.11n wireless standard has been slowed by imperfect early products, but new gear certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance is hitting the market. Here are some of the first products to pass the test.
  • Pulling Profit Out of Thin Air
    Day: Tuesday; Date: July 17, 2007; Time: 2 pm ET/11 am PTPulling Profit Out of Thin Air: Overcoming those all-too-common wireless limitations present a significant opportunity for Solutions Providers as businesses rely more and more on un-tethered connectivity.
  • Pulling Profit Out of Thin Air
    Pulling Profit Out of Thin Air Overcoming those all-too-common wireless limitations present a significant opportunity for Solutions Providers as businesses rely more and more on un-tethered connectivity.Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 2p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT
  • 802.11n Gear to Get Seal of Approval
    The Wi-Fi Alliance this week began testing wireless products based on the latest draft of the 802.11n standard, paving the way for "Wi-Fi Certified" products to hit shelves this summer.
  • The Chalkboard Evolution
    More than ever, educationtion in a classroom environment depends largely on the ability to show information to many people at one time. It's the same premise embodied by the trusty chalkboard--except that chalkboards are losing ground to projectors and panels that allow educators and administrators to communicate with students and university workers in new ways.
  • Grooming Relationships
    Not many custom system builders can say they competed with Michael Dell back when Dell was still building his systems in his college dorm room. As Datel Systems President Larry Piland likes to put it: "He went direct; we went retail, and the rest is history."
  • G-Tech: June 25, 2007
    As government tries to keep tabs on sensitive content circling the globe, tracking and labeling inventory becomes a tedious and time-consuming endeavor.
  • REVIEW: Securing LAN Connections
    As organizations increasingly rely on wireless technology to conduct their daily business and provide mobility both inside and outside the office, the need to secure and manage that infrastructure is becoming more complex.
  • Researcher Roots Out D-Link Wireless Bug
    Symantec Tuesday warned of an unpatched vulnerability in a D-Link wireless device driver that could enable an attacker to create a denial of service situation or compromise an affected PC.
  • Partners Mobilize NetSuite ERP
    NetSuite's hosted ERP service is now accessible via popular mobile devices including the ubiquitous Blackberry thanks to Explore Mobile, Antenna Software, and iEnterprises.