• A Look At Four Cool Products
    Even though there have been efforts in recent years to make PCs more power efficient and to generate less heat, the latest high-end systems draw more power and generate more heat than ever before.
  • RuBee Seen As Alternative Protocol To RFID
    You have got used to ZigBee and are pondering the benefits of WiBree, so start getting used to yet another wireless networking protocol: RuBee, also known as IEEE 1902.1. The emerging standard is expected to give retailers and manufacturers an alternative to RFID for many applications.
  • Palm OS Clings To Life
    Mobile vendor Palm faces a challenge because it uses an operating system with an uncertain future, and it has a limited ability to change the perception that the "Palm OS is dead."
  • Intel Upgrades Centrino With 802.11n
    Intel is upgrading the wireless component inside its Centrino Duo mobile technology to make it easier for wireless computer users to download and play music, videos and movies.
  • Apple Confirms 802.11n Download Fee
    Apple confirmed Friday that it will charge Mac users a small fee to switch on faster and longer-range wireless technology already tucked into their machines.
  • Report: Apple Will Charge For 802.11n Access
    Apple will charge Mac users $4.99 to turn on faster, longer-range wireless technology included with machines equipped with Intel's Core 2 Duo or Xeon processors, a pair of Mac enthusiast Web sites reports.
  • Time To Think Mobile, Really Mobile
    Over the years, I have read and written many "Year Of The ..." stories about new technologies or approaches to technology that I thought were so poised for a breakthrough that clearly they must be the next big thing for the channel.
  • Apple Unveils 802.11n Wireless Base Station
    Lost among the hoopla over the iPhone, Apple on Tuesday quietly launched a new AirPort Extreme Base Station wireless access point that supports 802.11n, the still-unsanctioned wireless LAN/Wi-Fi protocol that boasts faster transmission speeds and greater range.
  • iPhone It Is!
    Looks like Apple and Cisco must have worked out their little scuffle on use of "iPhone" because sure enough, Steve Jobs unveiled one this morning.
  • Steve Jobs' Shadow Looms Large Over CES
    Stock-options backdating scandal notwithstanding, Apple CEO Steve Jobs' shadow is looming large over this year's Consumer Electronics Show. That's because many here view Jobs as perhaps the only technology executive who may be able to deliver on the holy grail of the connected home.
  • The New AT&T: Wireless At Its Heart
    The new AT&T will increasingly be a wireless communications company that also generates income from advertising and offers television and broadband data services.
  • Network Is The Key To Signage
    You could say Ron Gross, CEO and chairman of Dynatek Media, is obsessed with the convergence of IT and AV and the opportunities it has opened up. He isn't the only one.