• Wireless Networks at Risk
    Wireless networks represent the latest security threat to corporations, and savvy resellers are beginning to incorporate ways to protect wireless networks into their design and implementation portfolios. When it comes to breaking into a corporate network these days, the easiest method is the airwaves and some commonly available tools that anyone can use. You don't need to be a hacker, you don't need special skills, and you don't even need to enter the premises.
  • Verizon Wireless Makes Flat-Rate Pricing Foray
    Verizon Wireless threw down the gauntlet in next-generation wireless data pricing last week by introducing the industry's first flat-rate pricing plan, but it remains to be seen how quickly competitors will follow suit.
  • AT&T Wireless Gets Behind Wi-Fi, Rejects Flat-Rate Billing
    AT&T Wireless aims to bridge next-generation cellular services with Wi-Fi wireless hot spots, said Andre Dahn, president of the carrier's mobility services subsidiary, on Monday in a speech at the Lehman Brothers Global Wireless Conference in New York.
  • Wireless Wins
    From bus stops to battlefields, government agencies are making the most of mobile data. Across the country, public servants are using wireless systems to better serve and protect citizens. You can muscle in on the action, no strings attached.
  • Sprint Readies 2.5G
    Sprint PCS is on track to launch its 2.5G service in July, but it will take more than a nationwide rollout to spark broad customer interest in wireless data solutions, said solution providers.
  • Sniffer Targets PDAs
    Sniffer Technologies, a division of Network Associates, this month unveiled a new version of its wireless network management tool that runs on handheld devices.
  • Wireless From the Ground Up
    With so much talk about wireless, you'd think the market would be zooming. But it's not. Take Proxim, for example, which merged in late March with Western Multiplex. Sales for Proxim's first quarter ended March 29 totaled $25.4 million,$12.2 million less than the year before.
  • Credit Union Operates With Greatest Of Ease
    First City Savings Credit Union CIO Nancy Bryant turned a $2,500 investment in wireless modems into $350,000 in new auto loans,in one week. Now that's return on investment.
  • The Plunge Into Wireless
    Wireless LANs (WLANs) are going where no network has gone before. To help you make the journey, we've researched everything you need to know about WLAN technology and standards, along with leading vendors and their products, and VAR-support programs. We'll also cover WLAN security solutions and design considerations.
  • Linksys Unveils Gateway
    Linksys last week unveiled a wireless gateway that it claims will let wireless laptop users deliver presentations without physically hooking up to a projector.
  • Wireless Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting wireless networks is often a complex task that entails a lot of trial and error. But Network Instruments aims to ease some of those chores with Observer 8.1.
  • Bluetooth Seen as Connectivity Option for PDAs
    Service providers believe Bluetooth will offer an alternative connectivity option for customers that want to have Internet access on handhelds without carrying a combination cellular phone/PDA device.